Black History Month Persuasive Speech

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In an interview with Mike Wallace, Morgan Freeman says that he doesn’t like Black History Month. He says that he thinks having a month for black history isn’t going to end racism and that the one way to is to stop talking about it. Morgan Freeman is wrong to say so. If we want to get rid of racism, we need to demote it until it goes away. Otherwise people won’t see that the way they treat other races is wrong. Morgan Freeman doesn’t like that his race has its own month, and that’s understandable. However, Black History Month is a great way to help show that not all people are racist. Black History Month helps recompense for how racist some people can be. Times and events like this are an effective and necessary way to prevent racism. We may never get rid of racism, but if we continue to fight it, it will lessen. Morgan Freeman argued that racism will end itself if we just leave it alone. This …show more content…

In order to get these thoughts spread, anti-racism can not be left alone. Anti-racism ideas need to be emblazoned on billboards and on television. Racism should negatively be spoken of everywhere to weaken it. As people continue to speak of racism people will begin to treat other races kinder and kinder. Not talking about racism like Morgan Freeman said to is not going to work as well as actually taking action. An example of taking action against racism would be Black History Month. A month has been dedicated to the history of the black race and its history. In doing so, intolerance toward blacks everywhere has fallen greatly. This month every year shows the dedication toward the abolition of racism that many people have. There are many more examples that show the detestation toward racism people everywhere have. Although months and holidays might mortify some people, including Morgan Freeman, but there’s plenty of evidence that proves it will be worth it when all races are treated

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