Rhetorical Analysis On Donald Trump

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President Donald Trump. Even to those who had voted for Trump this election, I doubt you ever expected to hear those words four years ago. Now added to the great list of men that lead this beautiful, that slots among Honest Abe, The American Cincinnatus, Old Hickory, and Father of the Constitution, is The Tumpster. Dana Milbank's mocking article “In which Trump discovers some guy named Frederick Douglass” Donald Trump is contrasted to the expectation of how leaders perform and act by the juxtaposition of the expectation, the allusion of similar incidents, and the situational irony of the thirteen days that he has been in office. In a meeting dedicated to African American History Month, President Trump made the comment of how much Frederick Douglass is contributing and his gaining recognition. For all those who decided to skip U.S. History like our brilliant …show more content…

He had no huge wealth to flaunt about in his leadership in the Abolitionist Movement, but Douglass’s intellectual, morally sound, beliefs gave him the position of a Great Leader. Milbank lists out all of Douglass’s achievements, leaving the reader with a bitter taste in their mouths from the irony of Trump not recognizing what a true leader looks like, ignorant to what he should be while constantly continuing what he unfortunately is. “It brought to mind Trump’s Cinco de Mayo tweet of a taco bowl and the words ‘I love Hispanics!’ ” Milbank reminds the audience that this is not first offense towards ethicists differing from his. The inclusion of this social media plunder is an alarm to Americans that their Commander and Chief of the ‘mixing pot’ country is a Xenophobic cover up; the President of the United States sending his own citizens out of the country for the sole reason that they are different, and our first

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