Compare And Contrast Harriet Tubman And Frederick Douglass

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The Underground Railroad was helpful to slaves because it helped them escape and be free. Slaves not only wanted to be free they also wanted their families to be free. The Underground Railroad did just that. The Underground Railroad was not underground nor a railroad it was just called underground because of its secretive nature and railroad because of the emerging transportation. Harriet Tubman was a women who wanted to be free! She was born a slave near Cambridge, Maryland. She was the famous Underground Railroad conductor. After making her own successful escape she came back to Maryland many times to lead families that were in need to escape. She helped all kinds of people including friends, family, and even strangers that she thought wanted to escape and wouldn’t say anything to anyone. She knew many routes through the …show more content…

Now Mr. Douglass was a social reformer and abolitionist. He was also a slave as a matter of fact he was born a slave. He escaped at the age twenty he then went on the become and anti-slave activist. He has three autobiography’s and they are considered a narrative tradition just as important as the American autobiography’s. He was inspiring the fame of being a presusaive writer and speaker he then moved on the bigger and better things he didn’t let his past get in the way of his future. He talked mainly about racism and slavery he wanted to end both of those things. Frederick Douglass was a man who also knew what he wanted he wanted to be free! He wanted to end racism he wanted to end slavery he didn’t want to be a slave all his life and by using the underground railroad he was able to escape. We are able to be free because people like Frederick Douglass who wasn’t afraid to speak up and say what they wanted to say and by doing that we have what we have today. That is why Mr. Douglass is such an important man and person to the american

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