Guion Bluford Accomplishments

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The Accomplishment of an African American Astronaut Guion S. Bluford, Jr.
Have you ever wondered how many African Americans came to be Astronauts? How they became successful and followed their dreams? Well, you will learn all about how one man, changed the future for all African Americans, and his success for keeping them to follow their dreams. He became an inspiration, a heroic character, and a mentor to all races. Guion Bluford paved the way for future African American Astronauts through background, career in space, and accomplishments after awards.
Bluford’s background and accomplishments prepared him to be a role model to other african americans. Bluford studied and worked really hard to make his dream come true. Bluford had to study …show more content…

He took more jobs and received medals and awards for his work. Every time Bluford took more job opportunities, more and more doors opened for him. In 1978, Bluford admitted his application to the Space Shuttle Program. He knew there were little chances he might get accepted. When he was accepted he said, “As black scientists and engineers and aviators, we had to prove that black people could excel.” Bluford joined the Airforce and got many different jobs working for the air force. He was awarded for being heroic and received all kinds of great appreciation. Bluford protested being heroic. He says it is his duty and honor to fight for his home and all he worked for.
Background, Career in Space, and accomplishments after awards are much simpler ways for future African American Astronauts to take that were inspired by Guion Bluford (Guy). Many more African Americans wanted to be one of the first people in their race to do something they loved, but it had never been done before and was afraid of segregation. All that has changed, thanks to Guion Bluford. Today, people of all international races can do what they want to do in their career. Blacks, Hispanics, Asian, etc.. They can all follow their dreams, and just be a normal

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