Great Migration Essay

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The Great Migration was a time of change it was a time where African-Americans had the chance for a nice life. During this time people of color were moving to the northern half of the USA, in order to get a new start. During this they had to leave the only life they knew in hopes for something better in a different place. To begin with, after World War 1 began in 1914 industries lacked the laborers in their urban cities. This gave so many new people opportunities that was not there before. The men that were being shipped to the war were young white men. These men had the same qualifications that the industries were looking for, and since they were going to war the empty spots had to be filled. This gave African-Americans jobs that before were …show more content…

The Big Apple was the capital for those seeking work in America, opportunities to change the lives of anyone, and to give the chance for anyone to follow their dreams. People from all over went to the magical state of New York, from the ex-slave states of Louisiana, Alabama, and Georgia; to the free states of Ohio, Oregon, and Iowa a lot of people wanted to go to New York just like today. New York, home to Broadway Theater, home to the roots for many music genres we still listen to today. So much of our culture came from just New York alone. Some ex-slaves, free men and women, were drawn to New York because of all the famous artists and the potential they felt there. A few famous artists who contributed to our history in entertainment during this time were, Louis Armstrong, Roland Hayes, Jackie "Moms" Mabley, and Ella Jane Fitzgerald. These are famous artists and musicians that came from Harlem, New York during the Harlem Renaissance. In conclusion, during the Great Migration, people of color were both able to be free and to start a new life. Even though they still faced a terrifying amount of segregation and racism, steps were made to further equality. The importance of the steps made by the African-American community were vital so the building of stepping stones for our nation's future could happen. Thanks to the Great Migration we as a country have a vibrant new culture

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