The Great Migration Movement

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Throughout African American History, there have been many migration concerning African Americans. From the Middle Passage, all the way to the Modern Migration that is happening right now. African Americans have been moved from where their African roots lies, to being moved all over the United States. These movements have done a great deal to African American History, as they have affected the customs that African Americans have practiced over time. These movements have been great in their own right, and the greatest one of all of them is the Great Migration. Taking place from 1910 - 1970, the Great Migration is greatest movement of African Americans in the history of African Americans themselves. This was the movement where over 6 million …show more content…

That makes this movement easily the biggest movement of African American movement throughout the country’s history. They moved to these regions in search for a better opportunities at life, as life in the South was proving to be impossible for an African American. There was segregation happening in the South, which meant that African Americans already were at a disadvantage compared to White Americans. Black Americans didn’t have equal job opportunities as White Americans did, and they also wanted to escape the blatant racism as there were a ton of lynchings of Black Americans at this time. There was also the sharecropping system, which ties into one of the reasons for why African Americans left the South. The Great Migration is much more great than the Modern Migration because it without the Great Migration, there wouldn 't have been a Modern Migration. As the Great Migration had happened for over 6 decades, and the Modern Migration had been happening for 4 decades, more African Americans have migrated during the Great Migration. During the course of …show more content…

It’s the migration that with the largest amount of movement among the United States and it’s the most recent movement where the narratives of people during that time have been collected. What makes it even more great is the fact that this migration didn’t happen long ago and that it has technically inspired the Modern Migration that is happening now, as the relatives of those who’ve moved from the South to Northern and Western areas are now moving right back down to the

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