Push And Pull Factors Of Migration Essay

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Critical analysis of push and pull factors of migration and with Also gendered migration Throughout human history migration has been part of human life. People have migrated between and within countries. With a compression of space and time by the process of globalization migration has escalated. The inequality and uneven economic development between and within countries has forced people from developing countries to developed countries and also from rural to urban areas. Lee (1966) introduced the concepts of push and pull factors as the determinants of migration. The focus of this essay will be on push and pull factors that causes or influence people to migrate. …show more content…

However, one must bear in mind those better, services, health and education can only come to those who can pay. For an example in most part of the world such as Brazil, China and South Africa migrants occupy informal settlement or slums where they are completely excluded from the so-called pull factors. The issue of population has been cited as one of the contributing factor in …show more content…

Push factors may include all the challenges faced by rural people and also non-conducive conditions in rural areas for socio-economic development. Pull factors are all the perceived opportunities and services available in urban areas. It interesting to see how women, who were historically disadvantages have taken advantage of the available resources to enrich themselves, of course there are exception with respect to African women, were most of them migrate to take low paying jobs in the informal

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