Visual Analysis: Christina's World By Andrew Wyeth

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Visual Analysis In 1948, one of America’s greatest artist of the 20th century, Andrew Wyeth illustrated the painting Christina’s World. This artist often created paintings that related to personal or general real life issues. The young woman in the painting happened to be a good friend and neighbor to Wyeth. His paintings often depicted the sorrow and despair of life, just like Chirstina’s. In the 18th century, another one of the greatest artist of all time, Vincent Van Gogh illustrated a very personal painting. The Starry Night is now one of the most widely known paintings in the world, but the story and meaning is not. Both artist used dark and grim themes when it came to their creations, and that is what draws the public to them. In today 's society we are able to relate to the deeper and more mentally touching symbols of these pieces of art. Andrew Wyeth’s painting, Christina’s World shows a young woman in a empty field looking up at a grim farmhouse on a rustic summer day. The image has a dark side to it which is foreshadowed by the rustic feel created by the farmhouse and shed. Like many, the history of this painting actually goes back to the illustrator. Christina Olson was a good friend and neighbor of Wyeth. He soon discovered that Christina lived with a unbearable disorder that took away her ability to walk and use any limbs. Years down the road she died at age 74 after a long hard life and complications from her disease These details may help the viewer to

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