American Gothic Art Analysis Essay

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In this art called American Gothic done by Grant Wood, the viewer can see how the artist creates a dull, but impressive painting. At first look at this artwork, the the viewer’s attention is directed towards the man wearing the dark coat. The viewer also sees a women which could be seen as the man’s wife, daughter, or friend. As the viewer looks at the background of the painting they can see that these people are probably living on a farm. With this painting having many differents forms, the viewer gets to see a piece of art that seems convincingly real. The viewer can also see different shades of color which give the painting more depth. This painting is impressive, due to the different details added to give it more of a authentic feel.

In this art called Girl with a Pearl Earring done by Johannes Vermeer, the viewer can see a oil painting that is more elemental, but still has a lot of intensity. At first glance of this art the viewer can notice a girl that is wearing a pearl earring. This girl attracts the viewer's attention by the viewer seeing her face pop out more with brighter color. With the way the artist created a single colored background the art gives a …show more content…

At closer inspection of this art the viewer can see that each of the three people are facing a different direction. They were facing different direction because the artist wanted to capture all angles of Charles I. This oil painting has things like colors to convey a message of peace. With each of these three people having form on them, it conveys a meaning that suggest this painting was done with depth. Space is also used to convey a mood of tranquil. With the artist intended purpose on showcasing Charles I, it seems apparent that the artist achieved his goal. This oil painting has many aspects that compliment other aspects of the art, so that the design looks

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