A Rose For Emily Southern Gothic Analysis

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In the William Faulkner novel" A Rose for Emily," we can see evidence of Southern Gothic. Southern Gothic shows the tale of a crumbling landscape, racial tension, and southern traditions. Emily Grierson is the daughter of the late Mr. Grierson. We can see that in the story Emily's father is very controlling of everything that she did. We can make the analysis that since that he is so controlling of her, that he is the only man she really knew. When her father died we can see that she is controlling of him and would not release the body for burial. After she loses her father, it is as if she loses her sense of reality. It is as if maybe the old white house is beginning to represent the attitude and ways of Emily. The house is old, dark, and very dusty just as the townspeople think Emily is. Homer Barron is a construction worker from New York. He would have been …show more content…

The town's clergy now send people to spray for a horrible smell that is coming threw her home. Months go on after that, and all they see is the old Negro coming through the door. We can make the assumption that Emily no longer has the desire for other human contact and wants to stay in the "old southern times." After much time has passed, the entire town goes to check on Ms. Emily. When they get the door open, we see the old Negro walk out the door and never turn around. They search the house, and they find her body lying lifeless in the dusty, dark room. As they continue on their journey, they see Homer Baron’s remains in the attic. Ms. Emily has killed Homer while the townspeople assume he went away. They also see some of Emily's hair next to the body which we can see this meant Emily slept next to him. We can analyze that Emily may have been a Necrophilic. Necrophilia means an attraction to dead bodies. Since Emily won't let her father go, and has Homers remains, she had a hard time letting go and keeps bodies to help her

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