Archibald Motleys Art Analysis

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This essay will be analyzing the paintings Mending Socks and Barbecue by Archibald Motley. Mainly focusing on the painting to recognize and understand the visual choices that were made when creating the artwork. As well as being able to state specific elements in the painting.
Motleys Artwork The 1920s and 1930s was a time when everyone was inspired by jazz and urban, black expression. It was a moment when modern African American culture took people's imagination. According to Coleman, F. (1995), “No one captured visually the essence of African-American life in the 1920s and 1930s as vividly or faithfully as did Archibald Motley” (para. 2). Archibald Motley was a visual artist who took part in that period and expressed his art well. He has paintings from all aspects of his career. From the time he was in college at the Art Institute of …show more content…

She is looking closely and intently at the socks as she repairs, it; lips firmly puckered. Covered in a fringe shawl that is red plaid with a cameo brooch placed onto it; dressed in a dark skirt, white long-sleeved shirt, wearing wire-rimmed glasses. There is a table next to her with a blue and white cloth; covered with the many items she loved, including other socks waiting to be mended. Not to mention, the socks seem to be shaped like Africa, which is where his grandmother have resided once before. Some other items include: scissors, a ceramic, bobbin thread, and a glass. In addition to that, on the wall shows a portrait of his grandmother's former slave family member. Allowing to show his ability to demonstrate different brush styles in one piece of painting. Not to mention, leaving the painting in the left corner blurry and dim and his grandmother detailed and realistic. Portraying that his grandmother's past is left in the past and she is the life of the

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