Mental Health Counseling Reflective Essay

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Like other professions in the mental health field and helping professions, counseling typically attracts those who are imbued with a need to help others, to make a difference in others’ lives, the community around them and sometimes even the world. There are many facets to a counselor and to counseling, some of which take on personal attributes such as personality, the values and beliefs held by counselors, and what they perceive their role in the counseling profession to be. Other facets involve ethical considerations in therapy, the importance of the profession, the value and process of change, important counseling practices and the value of necessary self-care a counselor ought to engage in. The role of a counselor is to act as a conduit to change and wellbeing in a client. As I learn more about counseling theories, I realize that it is important for a counselor to not act as an expert on a client’s life, rather, this role is solely …show more content…

I have two school aged children and as such, find balancing time with them and seeing to their needs with classes and assignments difficult, though not impossible. I know I have the ability, but occasionally find myself worrying about whether I am going to be able to gain a comprehensive understanding of the coursework in the time scales that have been set. I take time to write and think, and produce my best work. I pay much attention to detail and this slows me down sometimes. Workload and deadlines may require a hastened approach to work in some circumstances, something I will need to work on. Stress levels have peak periods, and around mid-term and finals periods possibly presents the most concern. I will need to ensure I engage in mindfulness, keep on top of my work and remain organized in order to reduce potential

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