Mental Health Counselor Interview Paper

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Assignment Wk. 7: Interview Subject The purpose of this paper is to introduce the Mental health counselor I have chosen to interview for my final project. In this paper I will include the specialties, the age groups and the modality of clients she services. Further I will explain, why I chose to interview Ms. T
Licensed Mental Health Counselor Interviewee The counselor I plan to interview for my final project is Ms. T, a Mental health counselor in Virginia.
Relevant Information
Ms. T Is a Licensed Professional counselor, with a Master’s degree in Arts. Specialties in which Ms. T treats includes: Trauma and PTSD, Anxiety, Marital and Premarital issues. In addition to her specialties, she also treats addiction, Borderline personality, Codependency, Coping skills, depression, divorce, sexual abuse suicidal ideation and Women’s issues (smith,2015n.d.). Ms. T also counsels adolescents from ages 14 to 19 and adults. She works with individuals, groups and couples. …show more content…

to interview, was due to the common interest I have with her as a future Mental health counselor. The specialties she works with and the population of clients she serves is exactly where and what I want to do as a mental health counselor. In addition to her specialties, she is an independent counselor, and holds membership with Emotionally Focused Therapy/EFT (smith,2015n.d.). Ms. T currently has an office located at 3307 Duke

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