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  • Essay On Professional Collaboration In Counseling

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    Professional Collaboration in Counseling As an independently counselor, counselor needs to collaborative with other mental health professional because they are on their own and do not have a supervisor that will be able to assist them when their client has a crises. A counselor should collaborative with other mental health that are in the same filed to get their feedback before doing a final decision especially when a client has an additional and a co-occurring disorder. Counselor’s that collaborative

  • Summary: Alexis Wilkerson Advocacy Project

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    addiction education, prevention, intervention and consultation C.10. the principles of addiction and mental health, including prevention, intervention, consultation, education and advocacy, as well as operation of programs and networks that promote mental health in a multicultural society Skills and Practice: Counseling, Prevention, and Intervention D.4. optimal human development, wellness, and mental health through prevention, education and advocacy activities Knowledge: Diversity

  • Ethical Issues In Counseling

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    The Ethical Issues that a Mental Health Professional may Face Mental health professionals may confront several ethical dilemmas during their counseling career, especially when they have to break some of the ethics code principles (West, 2002). The purpose of this project is to present some of the ethical issues that a counselor may face during their career, including ethical concerns in on-line counseling, dual and multiple relationships with the clients and issues of confidentiality. Ethical Concerns

  • Autonomy In Professional Counseling

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    Essay #1: Ethical Principles in Professional Counseling Autonomy The principle of autonomy is to consider the clients’ rights on making their own decisions when resolving their own conflicts. The counselor cannot tell them what to do in order to resolve their problems. The counselor encourages the client’s personal growth while respecting the client’s culture, personal values, and belief. Corey et al, (2015) states that supervision counselors that are being trained, must learn that there is no need

  • Essay On The Difference Between Psychology And Social Work

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    On the other hand, psychologists deal with mental, emotional and behavioral challenges in society. These problems include addictions, workplace conflicts, stress and esteem issues. While a social work might deal with those issues by connecting the individual with the resources available for help them. Despite the functional differences between social workers and psychologists, there are areas of overlap in their roles. For instance, both professionals offer counseling services to their clients

  • Becoming A Psychologist

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    Psychologist: A psychologist is a trained professional who is a specialist in psychology. This is a therapist which studies mental processes and human behaviour by observing and recording how people relate to one another. To perform this psychologists, look for patterns that help them acknowledge and estimate behaviour such as the actions of the patient. This can suggest how he/she is feeling. A psychologist can either work independently or work as a part of a health care team, social workers such as a

  • Strength-Based Counseling: A Case Study

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    broader scope since 2000. It now encompasses a systematic helping process based on the principle of psychology used by the professional counselor to help clients in handling their development and challenges in modern living. Counseling includes crisis intervention, marriage and family counseling, relationship counseling, career counseling, rehabilitation counseling, mental health counseling, sexual trauma counseling, AIDS counseling, philosophical counseling, grief and bereavement counseling, substance

  • Becoming A Sport Psychologist Essay

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    Have you wondered why many athletes who deal with serious problems, seem to succeed? Their success is mostly the result of a the sport psychologist, who is working with them to improve their mental state. Sport psychologists take a caring approach on personal and public matters. Studies have shown the various outcomes of using a sport psychologist, in many different sports. This is why there is usually a person behind the athlete in any sport, whether it is a sport psychologist and or a role model

  • Dr. Zimbardo's Reflection Of Professional Life In Psychology

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    The article is a personal reflection of the professional life of a well-known psychologist. In his narration, he discusses his interactions with various important persons in politics, and in the field of psychology. Besides that, he also talks about his professional journey as a psychologist and goes ahead to name some of his significant achievements and awards. Many of his works have been in the form of experiments whose purpose is to test the nature of humankind when exposed to unfortunate situations

  • Assignment 1: Industry Analysis Of Psychology

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    our society. Psychologists across many different fields use scientific research methods to understand the way the mind works and how people can be assisted to be more productive in many aspects of their lives such as social, work, family and general mental wellbeing. They achieve this in many different forms; a clinical psychologist, for example, might do what our typical idea of what a psychologist is, that being a one-on-one session with a patient sitting on a couch talking about their life with the

  • Multiple Relationships In Psychology

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    Just like a dual relationship, multiple role relationship happens when a professional psychologist is in a professional commitment with an individual and enters in more than two roles that overlap each other (Zur, 2015). This form of relationship is unintentional but should be avoided in case of their existence. An example of a scenario showing

  • Becoming A Crisis Intervention Counselor Essay

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    Becoming a Crisis Intervention Counselor Crisis Intervention Counseling is a job that supports those who have fought through Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder or is going through a stage of mental health crisis. They require multiple skills and need a lot of education. Crisis intervention counselors have the benefits and the drawbacks. One of the key factors to becoming a Crisis Intervention Counselor is that you need to have a great strength in being non reactive to any case that you approach

  • Fear In The Maze Runner

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    In the vast African Savanna, many people are sleeping at night in the middle of it all, cozy near a campfire. A twig breaks, and one of the men wake up, who later decides to go back to sleep. The sound comes again more frequently, which is when everyone has woken up. On the southern side, they see a moving animal just walking in circles around them. Everyone is afraid, but they do not know what it is… until is roars. The beast is a lion, and all of the men are sure they are going to die. This is

  • Harvard Psychedelic Club Research Paper

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    Ultimately, Weil did not bring the foundation of this project down but gave it the light it needed to be understood. We got to understand the true connection between our “body and mind as well as changing the way we look at sickness and diseases, health and wellbeing” (p 3235). This book was probably one of the most interesting books that I have every read especially for a religious class. I was enriched with thought and could not believe this had all happened at Harvard not too many years ago. How

  • Punctuality Analysis

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    Professional, competent practice for psychologists consists of demonstrating adherence to the principles of the profession, the way one presents themselves, and the action of taking responsibility for oneself (Fouad et al., 2009; Kaslow et al., 2009). Throughout my time at UND, I believe I have demonstrated those aspects of competent professional practice through my behavior, appearance, and my embracing of the precepts of the field of psychology. The following paper outlines my self-perceived

  • Freud's Iceberg Theory

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    Freud later also developed a more structural model of the mind consisting of three main parts; id, ego and superego. These were hypothetical conceptualizations of important mental functions not some physical areas within the brain. First part the ID worked at the unconscious level for two main instincts. Life instinct and the death instincts. While the life one was to helps the individual to survive and help in life-sustaining

  • Reflective Essay: The Roles Of Communication In Counseling

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    in any place where two people are communicating with each other or any other professions whereby counseling sessions takes place such as teachers, doctors, dietitians and many others. Thus it can be said that counseling skills are important to all health

  • Two Benefits Of Sociology: Sociology, Culture, And Society

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    a. Sociology is the study of the social relationships that affect the humans as well as institutions. It involves many fields of study that include crime, religion, family, race, culture and society among others. It is the primary purpose of sociology to provide linkage to all of these different subjects to help in understanding how humans behave (Smith, 2016). b. Sociological enquiry is the careful analysis of the motivational factors as well as the behavior of a certain individual within a particular

  • Criticism Of Sigmund Freud's Totem And Taboo

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    around the world, efforts were made by various anthropologists, ethnographers and psychologists to study and observe the ways these indigenous societies operate. For understanding the customs, cultures and unique ways of these people studying their mental activities or development was regarded as a ground breaking revelation. The book titled “Totem and Taboo” is result of such an inquiry of the primitive mind. It is an English translation of few articles from its German origin which was first published

  • Reflective Essay On Why I Want To Study Psychology

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    Being a health and fitness enthusiast I have always been interested in learning about how the mind works physically and emotionally, and in what ways the body reacts to various mental states is very intriguing. That is why I want to explore the mind and the essence of the human condition. We all question or try to make sense of our life; I believe that through its many perspectives, psychology has those answers. Psychology is accessible because not only is it a scientific study of thought and behaviour