Worldview In Counselling

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Within this paper I am going to explore and discuss what a worldview is and the dissimilar purposes it roles in counselling. Then I will explore how my worldview interacts with the solution focused therapy (SFT) approach, and in additional I will also look into the historical development of solution focused therapy and the possible place it have in my worldview today

Worldview is a word used to describe the way you perceive life, or things around you. We all have different worldview in regards to our traditions and personal experiences they all come from the way we are all brought up to believes. In all-purpose our worldview is what we practice to understand life around us. It a belief that people acknowledge and surround themselves with. …show more content…

(What is a world view? - definition & introduction). While, Byrom said that we are what we think. All that we are arises with our thoughts. With our thoughts we make the world that is our worldview (Byrom, 1976/1993, p. 1). But in counselling our worldview is define by how we think about everyday matters, cause of behaviour that trigger emotional distress and problems. (Meleod, 2007) state that to be a “good” counsellor we must know our self-awareness, belief values and what our personal feeling and thoughts are, and how it can help us engage with clients in the counselling practice. While Egan state that it important for counsellor to believe in the counselling process and formed a good therapeutic relationship that allow clients to trust them and feel accepted without being judge regardless of their problem or cultures. (Egan. …show more content…

Furthermore my view of world rest in my basic belief system that summarizes what I values, morals and ethical. Those all contribute to the way I view the world. Coming from an African Christian background I have been grounded with a strict foundational religious beliefs that God created the universal and everything within this world. Which influences my religion, the culture in which I have grown up, my family upbringing and my everyday life. According to Genesis (1:26-27) man and female were created in God’s image that I strongly believe in. Also the way I see things is strongly influence by a biblical worldview that influence the way I think, treat and communicate to others on an everyday base by always thinking about how God would me to treat others. Furthermore I would say that I have a God-Centred Worldview meaning that I have a strong understanding about people and how to respect them. I value, accept and most importantly I pass no judgement or look down or anyone in a sinister way because I know that we have fault. While looking into Solution focused therapy (SFT) my understanding is that it have become a well-known form of therapy that focused on solution-building rather than problem-solving. (de Shazer et al.,1986). Solution focused therapy (SFT) aim for all individual to solve their problems in a manner that do not bring harm or cause emotional

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