Christian Worldview Origin

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Worldview is how we view the world, things and beliefs around us through seeing, hearing. It helps us to answers questions about the makeup of the world and not to make assumptions or have the wrong interpretation to the explanations we are seeking. And finally worldview shows plays active part in our daily lives whether we believe it or not through resources such as television, education, magazines, science, government and other supporting materials.
The Question of Origin – From a Christian worldview life begin by an all-powerful and magnificent being God (Genesis 1:1). God then brought for the creation of the heavens and earth along with the light, darkness, evening and morning to be dressed upon the earth. With God’s words, …show more content…

(Genesis 1:26-30). Just like Adam we are all capable of doing God’s will but we must also live by faith and obedience and I think that’s our purpose (Genesis 2:15, 17).
The Question of Morality- I believe to measure your ability to balance their “right and wrong” a person must have morals to act and live by. For instance don’t be fooled by people who doesn’t have your best interest at heart because they bad habits or judgment can put you in an uncompromising situation that could reflect on you badly (1 Corinthians 15:33). I live by confessing my sins to God and asking for his forgiveness. (1 John 1:9) because I know that the mind and the flesh can be weak and temptation can be our downfall.
Question of Destiny- How worldview influence the way I think, treat and speak to other is based on my respect and ability to have an open mind and to treat others and they would treat me when I interact with people on a diverse platform. I think it helps me as a person to better understand how myself and others views, beliefs and opinions which sometimes can make you stronger or can weaken your sense of worth. In terms of deciding on a future career I feel that I’m

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