Reflective Essay On Human Services

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My understanding of Human Services is to help people who need additional help and guidence to move forward with their life. Sometimes people need help with external problems such as the loss of a job, the need for food or housing or for help getting out of a dangerous situation or mental and physical health crisis. The Human Services practitioner is a professional who acts as an agent to assist and or empower individulas, groups, families and communities to help them function more effectivly in all areas of life and improve living condition. Human Service professional will always advocate for their clients and will never give up on them and make sure to strive for the clients well being as long as the client want to change. In the past, I have taken so many classes to figuer out what I wanted to major in. My background is helping people with their finances. I have been in the banking industry for about 6 years and customer services for about 9 years. I enjoy what I do, but I do not see this as my career. I like the fact that I am helping different types of people every day and …show more content…

In this two semesters of internship that I have completed I have realized that not only do i want to help children and family but i have also learned and I am developing into my carrer by listening to people story and what they have experineced. Especially this semester it has been an eye opener for me to reflect about my personal life and appreciate everything I have because sometimes people take things for granted and dont appreciate life. Practacing the skills of communicatioon, being a active listener and being respectfull to other can help break barriers and tention with clients. Building a professional relationship with your client and setting boundaries and expectatios is important in order for the helping relationship to function

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