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1. Describe anticipatory empathy in your own words. In what situations have you made use of this skill before? How would you describe the relationship between anticipatory empathy and social justice work? * Anticipatory Empathy: Thinking in advance of how the client’s actions will impact them. Phrase: Think before you speak. That reminded me of the definition I gave. Ones actions can be a result to persons’ feelings. That is why I think before I speak because I do not like hurting people’s feelings. *I have used this skill when I was listening to a friend talk about her problems, instead of judging her for what she is going through I thought of support words that will get her mind off the bad things. *Social workers always have to think about what is better for their clients. The social workers find resources that will help the clients resolve their situation, taking in …show more content…

How do examples of power, trust, and difference affect communication? What examples illustrate your point? *An example of power that affects communication is the ability to influence people. Speaking with honesty gives people acknowledgement of the differences between the actions and their own interpretations of life. Having power can be great because people feel the power and take on new challenges to better their lives, life without a risk will not get you very far. *An example of trust that affects communication is like when we are social workers we have to gain the trust of our clients. Having the trust of the clients helps a lot when trying to figure out how you can help them when they are explaining their situation, they open up to you. If trust is not gained then the communication is affected because the client will not speak openly as if trust was present. * An example of difference in communication and the only thing that came to mind was how social workers advocate for their clients. Being effective social workers to gain the correct information and help their clients’

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