Empathy-Altruism Hypothesis Essay

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I. The empathy-altruism hypothesis states that empathic subject produces altruistic motivation. To unpack this deceptively hypothesis, it is important to know what is meant by using “empathic problem,” thru “altruistic motivation,” or even by means of “produces.” Empathic concern another-oriented emotion elicited with the aid of and congruent with the perceived welfare of a person in need is outstanding from seven different makes use of the term empathy. altruistic motivation is a motivational nation with the last goal of increasing every other’s welfare is distinguished from 4 other makes use of the time altruism. Altruism is contrasted with self-importance motivational country with the remaining purpose of increasing one’s personal welfare. …show more content…

So, they start to be violent because they don’t want to be a victim of violence. As parents, you should not compare your children’s each other because, each of them will have different interest and different talent. Voice had organized the talk by the counselor which will make the children to have a clear view of parent’s part of view on why they are comparing or forcing them to study. This talk will have two session where the counselor will talk about “how to prevent school violence” and “talk from part of parents view”. After than will have the next part of the part will we will have ice breaking and ask the children “how the feel about violence and their parents view”. This will help the children to understand the parents view and the elder people thinking that studies are important in life. Other than that, this talk will also make the children’s to not have the fear of anything. We will build a strong student when they leave this workshop because this workshop is not as normal talk which is boring. This will keep the children get involve take part in each activity which will make the children to have a huge open up rather than being a coward

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