Informative Essay On Why A Human Being Is Selfish

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Sofia Puato October 9, 2017
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Why a Human Being is Selfish

At some points in his life, a human being can become selfish. For several reasons he would think of his own good over the good of others around him. Often he thinks putting himself first would do him anything good. It may do good to him but not to others whose wishes and favors were put aside for the human being's own wishes and favors. Whenever a human being commits an act of selfishness, he would usually reason out why he did it in order to not harm his relationship with everyone around him. Sometimes being selfish can save one's well-being also. A human being commits an act of selfishness, because sometimes it has to do with his own good. Unless he is willing enough to put the sake of others over his own, a person would prefer to put top priority on his personal interest in order to be able to satisfy his wants or needs. Whereas, some excuses are to be made
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In some instances the person is asked to do something for others. But the person would sometimes realize that a bad consequence in his side could happen if he follows the favor of the other person. This is where the person can say no without any if's or but's, while still reasoning out why he would commit the act of selfishness. The person would have to be assured that the other people would completely understand his decisions and reasons behind doing the selfish act. Making reasons for doing a selfish act is usually done in order to maintain healthy relationships with others despite having had done the act of selfishness already. Whenever there is no reason explained behind the selfish act being committed, some do not mind at all while others think that the people who made the act of selfishness no longer cares about their
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