Chivalry In Today's Society

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The word chivalry can be found throughout history. Some may only connect chivalry with knights in shining armor. However, the term shows more complexity than that. It is argued whether or not chivalry is dead, some believe chivalry is dead. Although, others believe that it is not dead ,but has evolved over time. Many think of chivalry as a man holding the door open for a women or taking her coat, but men are not the only ones to perform acts of chivalry. Women as well should be performing these acts. Chivalry can be compared to altruism, simply meaning selfless actions for others. Chivalry can be found in today's society,however, it seems to be dying and we as a society need to work to keep it alive. What is chivalry? “Chivalry is simply an act of kindness toward a person who is deserving (or not) of receiving that kindness.” (Afnan Beauti) You can find act of kindness into today's society such as someone holding the door open, letting us get in front of them in a line, or maybe when we are having car troubles and someone offers to help. There are many other acts of kindness that are performed and also considered chivalrous. The word altruism may come to mind for some. When performing acts of kindness we …show more content…

That is the big question. No, it isnt dead however it is becoming harder to find in today's society. We can change that if we apply altruism to our lives we can find that chivalry is not dead. Although it has changed over time from being seen as an act of a man to being equal among gender. Women are expected to be chivalrous just as a man is. Chivalry isn’t just for the knights anymore. It applies to life now, how we all should be, we should all act with chivalry. We should all want to be chivalrous and perform acts of kindness being selfless. We need to take from our history, we need to see how the knights acted with such honor and loyalty and apply it to today's world. We need to improve our society, we can not allow chivalry to

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