What Is Sir Lancelot's Code Of Chivalry

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In medieval times, chivalry was something that many men lived up to. If a man lived up to the expectations of chivalry he was said to be loyal, brave and courageous. For some it was difficult to follow certain codes especially when it came to romance, an example: Sir Lancelot in the movie “First Knight.” Medieval romance was taken seriously during its time. Not only did men/knights have to follow rules and codes about war, but also about romance. “Defend the weak and innocent”(chivalry code), is one of the many codes that Sir Lancelot followed. In the film, Sir Lancelot helped Gwynevere escape from Malagant’s men as they jumped her carriage. From there him and Gwynevere had a spark that they found difficult to hide due to their circumstances, so both of them had to exhibit self control around each other. …show more content…

Lancelot is a very loyal knight who follows all the codes of chivalry and because of this he earns a position in the round table. He exhibits courage in word and deed, protect the innocent/ defend the weak and innocent, fights with honor, fights for the ideal of king, country, and chivalry and much more. Lancelot can basically become a king because of his bravery and attentiveness to other people, he’s a selfless man. Perfect doesn’t exist, not even for Sir Lancelot. There are a few codes of chivalry that he breaks because of Gwynevere. In a way he betrays King Arthur by staying as a guest in the palace knowing he will be able to be around Gwynevere and possibly tempt her. Lancelot’s only motivation to become a knight is Gwynevere and to still remain in Camalot. Even though he is a strong Knight that saves people, his weakens is a very small but powerful thing called love/

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