The Chivalric Code In Sir Gawain And The Green Knight

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Sir Gawain Lit. Analysis
In the Pearl Poet’s poem, Sir Gawain and the Green Knight, we get a taste of what living by the chivalric code was like. The chivalric code was a list of standards which a knight was to live up to and, Sir Gawain does not fall short of doing just that. Sir Gawain upholds the chivalric code by proving his chivalry, piety, and chasity.

Chivalry has many features that shape a knight, however the virtues that Sir Gawain presents the most are courage and honesty. One time when Gawain showed honesty and courage is when he went to fulfill his deal with the Green Knight. The guide leading Gawain to the Green Chapel told Gawain that he should run and that no one would know about his Failure to keep his promise. But Gawain said he must fulfill his deal: “But however heedfully thou hid it, if I here departed,/ faith in fear now to flee, in fashion thou speakest,/ I should a knight coward be, I
Could not be excused./ Noy, I’ll fare to the chapel, whatever chance may befall” (85.13-16). Many other knights would run but Gawain understands that he has to have courage and must be honest about going to meet the green knight and fulfill his deal. One other virtue of chivalry that Gawain presents is courtesy. Gawain shows courtesy to the ladies of the castle. The pearl poet creates this scene: “His acquaintance they requested, and …show more content…

Gawain does maintain chastity despite being courted by the lady. The pearl poet explains: “But his defence was so fair that no fault could be seen,/ nor any evil upon either side, nor aught but joy/ they wist” (61.19-21). Gawain purely deflected any advances she made at him. When the fair lady tries to woo him a second time she speaks of how if she could she would take Gawain as her husband. Gawain again diverts her advances by reminding her of the status in which he occupies with her. He

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