Christian Symbolism In Sir Gawain And The Green Knight

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Sir Gawain and the Green Knight, whose author is unknown, is an Arthurian Romance/Epic that holds a degree of Christian symbolism. These Christian symbols are intermixed with Britannic Pagan traditions and themes in order to appeal more to the common British people at the time of the early Christianization of Britain. This can be supported by the stories of kings being created in the earlier centuries throughout history. In this particular story, this symbolism is important since all the knights of King Arthur’s Court were supposed to follow a certain chivalrous code of conduct, whether present in the courts or away on some other venture. The chivalric code being the embodiment of Christian virtue and valor, which was expected to be personified …show more content…

To be Chivalrous means that a man must stick firmly with christian values that go far beyond the rules of combat. To be that certain type of chivalry, a knight must be honourable, courteous, and brave. This includes not straying from the belief that God will always bless you and help you in your hour of need. While it is true that Sir Gawain does, through most of the story, exhibit that he is a chivalric knight, it towards the end when he shows the most weakness in faith and code. When he takes the “girdle of immunity,” something belonging to the Pagan side, is when he demonstrates that his faith is not as strong as his armour makes him appear. Sir Gawain and the Green Knight, written by an author who is unknown to all, is a story, in the genre of Arthurian Romance/Epic, containing certain qualities of the symbolism of the Christian variety. “ So the star on this spangling shield he sported / shone royally, in gold, on a ruby red background… “ (Part 2, Lines 662-663 ) The meaning of this Pentangle has to do with Christianity. The fact that Sir Gawain displays this shield so proudly means he thinks of himself as a chivalrous and holy

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