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  • The Spirit Of The Holy Spirit Summary

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    The Message of the holy spirit:the spirit of the encounter is a theological book written by Keith Warrington and published by Intervarsity press. He is vice principal and director of doctoral studies for Regents Theological College, Worcestershire, England. He has also authoured many other theological books. This book is part of a series of other theological books that explore biblical topics. The focus of this book is as the title says the Holy Spirit. The introduction focused on the attributes

  • Reflection Of The Holy Spirit

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    believe in the Holy Spirit, the Lord and Giver of life, who proceeds from the Father, who together with the Father and the Son is worshipped and glorified, who spoke through the prophets." This is the part of the Nicene Creed that directly speaks of the Holy Spirit. Compared to the rest of the creed, this portion of the Holy Spirit is relatively short and not very extensive. Now, there is no saying this is incorrect or wrong in any way, however, compared with the rest of the creed the Spirit seems to be

  • Pneumatology: The Holy Spirit

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    Pneumatology (Holy Spirit) Studies of the Holy Spirit include His deity, illustrations, sanctification, conviction, regeneration, indwelling, baptism, sealing, earnest, gifts, filling, teaching, guidance, prayer, and assurance. The Holy Spirit, in all that He does, glorifies the Lord Jesus Christ. He convicts the world of its guilt. He regenerates sinners, and in Him they are baptized into union with Christ and adopted as heirs in the family of God. He also indwells, illuminates, guides, equips

  • The Holy Spirit In Pentecost

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    Pentecost The Holy Spirit started to guide and influence the church at pentecost, and it continues to guide to this day. The Holy Spirit guides the apostles to preach the good news. The Church would be lost without the guidance of the Holy Spirit. In Church history there are many instances where the Holy Spirit guides people to make the right decision. Many people decide to set aside the Holy Spirit in there lives. They continue to choose bad decisions, and continue to not listen to Holy Spirit in there

  • Holy Spirit Reflection

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    showing that God will give me His Spirit in order that I can live to follow His statutes, and carefully obey His ordinances. How is this going to happen? I explained this verse to her in this manner, “God is telling the truth there. When you receive Him as your Lord and Savior, His Spirit will start to work in you. Can’t you feel that you are more guilty of your wrong behavior than before? However, since you still welcome the desires of your flesh, the Holy Spirit cannot work powerfully in you to

  • Confirmation Reflection In The Holy Spirit

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    through the Holy Spirit. There are all different ways to show one’s faith through service, but as long as it is service, people are serving the same Lord. The Holy Spirit works in very different ways in all people, depending on their background and their circumstances, but it is always the same Spirit. While the Holy Spirit may come in different forms, it always has the same intention: to guide with gifts. While everyone who is faithful has the ability to have all seven gifts of the Holy Spirit, not all

  • Holy Spirit In Christian Education

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    come from God. It must be man from the Holy God; no one can do these signs that you do apart from the presence of God."(Jn 3:2) Jesus had the great distinction from other historical teachers in the world. These are the characteristics. First, he is the true relational man who understands human from the heart. Second, his life was the message of God. Third, he motivates action out of love. Fourth, he shows by life as a model. Fifth, he empowers by Holy Spirit. Fifth, He gives divine authority. Finally

  • The Bible: The Symbols Of The Holy Spirit

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    THE SYMBOLS OF THE HOLY SPIRIT The Bible uses a number of symbols to describe the person of the Holy Spirit. The symbols of the Holy Spirit are essential for gaining an understanding of His functions. Nearly all the symbols of the Holy Spirit are symbols of motion. The following paragraph enumerates the different symbols of the Holy Spirit: 1. Rushing water: The Holy Spirit is the River of Living Water that is continually at work within the inward man (John 7:31-39). The righteous is like a tree

  • Holy Spirit Role Analysis

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    Chapter 6 Holy Spirit Role Did I mention the Holy Spirit a short while ago? Divine intervention, what is it? This is a second question for your consideration. For, that night, we are told the king had trouble sleeping, and instead of reaching out to the only thing or one he needed to make him complete he reached out to another thing, thing I say - not people since there are people at his beck and call - not for help to go back to bed but he ordered a an attendant

  • James Dunn's Baptism In The Holy Spirit

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    concerning New Testament pneumatology. But as the growth of the Pentecostal and Charismatic movement began to take place world-wide, it also set into motion a lot of dialogue and deliberations on this subject. The release of James Dunn’s Baptism in the Holy Spirit triggered the modern phase of these discussions and resurgence in the research of New Testament pneumatology. With this resurgence came fresh interest which brought to the fore the dialogue that had began to shape up between three well known scholars

  • Argument For Understanding The Holy Spirit: The Doctrine Of The Trinity

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    that the Holy Spirit was with God before the creation. He described the Holy Spirit (identification of wisdom) and the Son (word) as the two hands of God. He uses this metaphor to explain God’s work. They don’t perform the same work but their work completes each other. • Tertullian argued that the Son and Father are the same substance and that the Holy Spirit proceeds from the Father through the Son. In the example that he gives in how the father and the son are the root and three, the Holy comes

  • The Holy Spirit Analysis

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    The impression of many is that the presence of the Holy Spirit is accompanied by activity and often, loud noise. The mental picture, created by the account of the first outpouring of the Holy Spirit in Acts chapter 2, comes to mind. The scripture tells what raucous effect the Holy Spirit on this group of people had. They became noticeably noisy. There was something different about this noise. It was not just another ordinary noise; it was a sound so distinct and attention grabbing that it caught

  • Reflection About Jesus

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    the fullness of the personality of God; all the divine virtues of the Father are gathered in the splendid person of Jesus (Colossians 1:15-23). All the spirits were created according to the image of Jesus. Mankind and angels were created to the image and the likeness of the Son of God. Jesus is the perfection and the role model for all the spirits. Jesus came out the Father but the creation came out the Son: “Who being the brightness of His glory, and the express image of His person, and upholding

  • The Spirit In The Godhead Analysis

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    and the Son that the work and person of the Holy Spirit is seen. I hope briefly to clarify the role of the Spirit within the Godhead and then show how he relates to mankind, more specifically believers in their receiving Him and in the role he plays in the lives of the believers. 2. The role and personhood of the spirit in the godhead In the Apostles’ Creed we confess "I believe in the Holy Ghost…” this provokes the question: Who is the Holy Spirit? Michael Reeves recently wrote a

  • The Importance Of Love In Marriage

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    to the Church as a sacrifice. Christ is thus the revealer of the Father’s love in the power of the Holy Spirit. Through the incarnation, Christ has shown us the inner life of the Most Holy Trinity which is a communion of three persons, Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. Just like the Trinity, the Church too is a communion of persons sharing in the life and love of the Trinity. The mystery of the Most Holy Trinity is the central mystery of Christian faith and life. It is the mystery of God in himself. It

  • The Sacraments In The Early Christian Church

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    Baptism: Baptism is the basis of the whole Christian life, as we are born of the water and the Spirit.

  • The Holy Spirit Edwin Palmer Analysis

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    Introduction: “Without the Spirit of God, we can do nothing, we are as ships without wind, we are useless” (C.H. Spurgeon) Reading an article on the study of the Holy Spirit by Edwin Palmer, gave me much more insight about the Holy Spirit and answered so many questions that I have struggled with in the past, by explaining who and what this spirit is and where it came from. There are three questions that will be answered in this paper by reflecting back on the article. 1) What is the question

  • Religious Affections Analysis

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    more complicated. “But will any Christian say, men ought not to love God and Jesus Christ in a high degree” (150)? Next, he looks at the effects of affections on the body (one’s actions), the way one speaks about their faith, the strength of one’s spirit, and finally on one’s knowledge of scripture. Through these, he asserts that none of these filters, so to speak, serve as a way to effectively judge one’s true faith (152-153). In the third section, Edwards turns his focus to the best ways to distinguish

  • Analysis Of The Lord's Supper

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    Apostle’s Creed examining God the Father in the first, the Son of God in the second, the Holy Spirit in the third, and lastly the Church in the fourth and final installment. For the purposes of this paper, the 17th chapter of the fourth book will come into view as the Lord’s Supper according to Calvin is analyzed. The chapter is divided into two sections, wherein the first describes the institution of the Holy Supper and the way in which a Christian participates and understands the sacrament. The

  • Anointed Herald Of God's Kingdom Analysis

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    ecclesiology, because they do not recognize the transference of the Spirit on the day of Pentecost from Jesus to the disciples. The power of God that enabled Jesus to do signs and wonders is with us too. It is to our advantage, Jesus said, that he goes to the Father, because only then would the Spirit come upon the disciples and they would do even greater deeds than he did