Sir Lauelot Du Lake Moral Analysis

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The Morality of a Knight
Have you or someone you know showed courage in your lives? There was and always will be many stories that probably have the same of amount of courage as the people you know or see in the news. One of those stories is “The Tale of Sir Launcelot du Lake”, which tells the tale of one of King Arthur’s most beloved and talented knight, Sir Launcelot. He loves to adventure and help others with moral courage. However, Sir Launcelot is not the only sense of moral courage in this story. In “The Tale of Sir Launcelot du Lake”, the setting and its tone are two of the many literary elements that develops the theme of moral courage.

Sir Launcelot’s tale takes place in a medieval setting, which was complete with loyal knights at the time who were devoted to do nothing more than help and serve their kings such as King Arthur for example. The amount of loyal knights including Sir Launcelot that are depicted in the setting shows plenty of moral courage. In a quote that appears before the tale begins, it describes the loyalty of King Arthur’s knights and how Sir Launcelot du Lake was one of the most loyal by saying, “Of all the knights one was supreme.” (P. 652) Since the medieval setting is the one of the reasons why knights are characterized and existing in this tale, it …show more content…

The setting provides a medieval feel which consists of loyal knights and that helps develop moral courage. The tone creates a sincere and truthful feel to the setting and Sir Launcelot’s dialogue which also shows a theme of morality. But, this is not the only story filled with morality. In real life, many have probably seen tons of stories like this one, showing morals and other themes through literary terms such as the setting and the tone. Just like Sir Launcelot, ordinary people save lives through morals every day. The theme of moral courage was and always will be

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