Similarities Between The Knight And Sir Gawain And The Green Knight

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Two romantic heroes, a pirate and a knight, compete to be the best. Westley (the man in black), the pirate, and Sir Gawain the knight. Both on a journey, one on the journey of true love and the other on the journey to his “demise”. Eight ideals of knighthood: justice, generosity, sincerity, courtesy, charity, loyalty, boldness and temperance. Although both heros do an amazing job in demonstrating the eight ideals of knighthood one does it better as opposed to the other one, Westley surpasses Sir Gawain, from Sir Gawain and the Green Knight, by the pear poet, in being the best romantic hero. Generosity; the readiness to give more of something. Westley (the man in black) fulfills the eight ideals of knighthood better than Sir Gawain. Westley in the movie The Princess Bride, directed by Rob Reiner, demonstrates more generosity than Sir gawain. He proves his generosity on many occasions, one way Westley demonstrates his generosity is when he spares the life of many people he could have ended their life right then and there. The people he spared life to was Inigo, Fezzik as well as Prince Humperdinck. As he was on his way to rescue Buttercup he had to face Inigo with the battle to death yet just hits him in the head unconscious and with Fezzik the battle with what god gave them the original way, with hands yet knocked him unconscious as well. In contrast to Sir Gawain to be generous he does not meet this ideal of knighthood. The reason why is because as the lady said
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