Sir Gawain And The Green Knight Literary Analysis Essay

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Literary Analysis of Sir Gawain and the Green Knight The selection of Sir Gawain and the Green Knight follows the basic format of the adventure. The author emphasizes communion to show the loyalty and community between King Arthur and his knights. The symbolism behind the relationship between Sir Gawain to humans and the Green Knight to the merciful God further shows the relations of this medieval romance to the Bible. The opening scene in the story shows the Green Knight disrupting the acts of communion between King Arthur and his knights. These acts of communion symbolize the togetherness, community, and even touch the basis of loyalty, which is supported by the selfless act of Sir Gawain putting his life in danger for his king. The Green Knight’s disrupting the acts of life-giving by, indecently, threatening to take the king’s life in a challenge. “And so all I ask of this court is a Christmas game.”(L. 63). The pauses in-between the Green Knight’s addresses shows how the knights …show more content…

“And she pressed the sash upon him and begged him to take it, and Gawain did…” (L. 233-234). He gives in to the temptation unlike the merciful god and Jesus. He hides the sash, but the Red Lord/ The Green Knight knows of his gift. When the time comes for Gawain’s strike to be on him, the Green knight tells him that he knows of the sash and feels pity and for the Knight, for he is just a human and values his life. The Biblical God shows mercy to the human race in the bible and offers them many signs of his love and mercy in his stating to reconciliation and prayer for mercy. The relationship of the biblical, merciful God to The Green knight and Sir Gawain to the human race is exemplified in the analysis, as well and the relationship between the acts of communion with the acts of loyalty, selflessness, and

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