Why Is Gawain Deserving Of Being Called A Knight

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Question: Was Gawain deserving of being called a knight? If so, how did he demonstrate this?

Sir Gawain certainly faced a number of dilemmas when he accepted the challenge issued by the Green Knight. Written by the poet known as The Pearl Poet, the poem "Sir Gawain and the Green Knight" tells the story of how one of King Arthur's Knights agreed to be a part of a Christmas game to prove that he was worthy of their reputation as great knights. Although he faced many challenges along the way, he does prove to be a great and honorable knight. First, he showed that he was courageous and loyal to King Arthur by volunteering to take on the challenge rather than letting Arthur risk his own life. Knowing he was the least valuable he volunteers "I myself am the weakest. . . my …show more content…

. . and since I have asked for it first, let it fall to me" (l. 131-136). After he takes his turn with the axe, and the date is set for the Green Knight to take his turn, Gawain keeps to his word by traveling to what seems the ends of the earth to keep his part of the covenant. At the Lord's castle, he is repeatedly seduced by the Lord's wife, but each time, Sir Gawain refuses, knowing that a knight must remain chaste and true to his word. For two days he kept his word in his agreement with the Lord--another game. On the last day, the lady tempts him yet again, at first he refuses: " I swear by fire and ice to be your humble knight" (l. 216-217). But then she brings out the green scarf that promises to save his life. Who could blame Gawain for wanting to save his own life? Not many men would turn down an opportunity to avoid being beheaded, and although Gawain, being a Knight of the Round Table was supposed

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