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Cypress College is a community college located in North Orange County and it ranks third among California community colleges. What makes Cypress College outstanding is that it has a variety of student programs and services which can help students overcome hard situations. There are programs that provide learning and financial assistances such Disability Program, Supplemental Instruction Program, and Extended Opportunity Program & Service (EOPS). However, Library and Learning Resource Center (LLRC) is one of on-campus’s services that deal with learning difficulties. Therefore, LLRC can be useful for students to succeed their educational goals. Primarily, LLRC provides a convenient and comfortable place for students to learn. Besides lectures, students can come to the library or Learning Resource Center to study on their own. It is convenience for students to study in LLRC because some students may not want to study at home or a café. For instance, there are individual tables that students can use for self-study such as doing math homework, reading books, or writing an essay. There is also a computer lab that is helpful for students who do not have …show more content…

One of them is Tutoring Program that offers opportunities for students to ask questions, ask for help, and discuss with tutors in a specific subject. For example, there are many tutoring services in Math, Physics, Biology, Chemistry, and other hard courses. Furthermore, Supplemental Instruction program is a part of LLRC, which gives students chances to form a group session and work together with other students to succeed in a harder subject. This program also helps students to socialize with others outside of the classroom. Last but not least, LLRC provides many workshops too regarding English, Math, and other learning activities. Participating in a workshop can improve students’ performance in class as

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