Strengths-Based Approach Paper

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1. What does it "starting where the client is" meant to you as a social worker? Starting where the client is means that the clinician must avoid judgments, must listen carefully to discern what the client is feeling and thinking and not to step either too far away, or move too quickly ahead to where she/he think the client needs to be at (Benatar, 2011). The client is the only person that know their situation best. 2. What do you think the ramifications are if you do not "start where the client is"? If the social worker does not start where the client is, the consequences are that the social worker will give advice too soon/quickly and there will be no connection between the social worker at the client. Or in-depths assessment. Building rapport with the clients is one of the most important counseling skills to possess. According to Benatar, approximately 40 percent of client change …show more content…

Are your strength or problem-focused? I considering myself a strength focus (strengths-bases approach), because the person or an organization is presented with a problem that need to be solve. Therefore, for strengths-based approaches or strengths-based approaches is the best method since it concentrates on the inherent strengths of individuals, families, groups, and organizations, deploying personal strengths to aid recovery and empowerment. To focus on health and well-being is to embrace an asset-based approach where the goal is to promote the positive (Toner, 2016). 4. What does "holistic" or "treating the whole person" mean as a social worker? Holistic or treating the whole person to a social worker means treating the mind, body, spirit and the environment. Holistic therapies most often consider the whole person, where they live, what is going on in the body, their minds, emotions and their spiritual state as well. It has been found and reported that religion and spirituality (RS) can play a positive role in the care and healing of both mental health and general health

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