Strengths And Weaknesses In Social Work

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Something that I consider to be both a strength and a weakness in my social work career is my gentle and reassuring manner. On the surface, this may seem like an excellent trait to have. I am very much a “people person” and others are naturally drawn to me. I tend to look at situations in a positive light as much as possible and have become an expert in removing tension between family members or dealing with end-of-life concerns. The majority of the residents value this quality in me and seek me out when a difficult decision needs to be made. However, my demeanor may be a disadvantage if I were to be working with another population or in a different setting. For example, I do not think be successful in jobs at prisons or alternative schools because I may have to be more serious and assertive with my clients. Throughout my life, education has always been one of the most important aspects of my life and I believe my academic achievements demonstrate this. Over the past three years in college, I have maintained over a 3.9 GPA and put much effort into excelling in classes from various departments across campus, but particularly within the …show more content…

I have always been the type of person to try to take on too much and let one aspect of my life suffer, which usually ends up being “me time.” Although I have improved so far during my college career, I have occasionally struggled with leaving work issues at work and not dwelling on them at home. I know that in order to avoid burnout and be a successful social worker, self-care is crucial. It is something that I strive to do more of as I approach the beginning of my professional career. To do so, I will take time out of my busy schedule to continue dancing, reading, and playing tennis. This career is my passion and I will do whatever it takes to help

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