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I feel that my education at the University of North Texas has prepared me for a career in social work because it gave me opportunities to branch out of my comfort zone and become familiar with multiple populations of people. Before entering the BSW Program at UNT I was set on working with the geriatric population. I had worked with geriatrics before and was very comfortable with them, forming connections was easy, and I felt this was the population I was meant to be working with. Once I was accepted into the program though I learned that just because I had experience and was comfortable working with this specific population, it didn’t mean I had to continue working with them. My professors provided us with many opportunities to learn about and become familiar with many different populations. Learning to work with more than one population has helped me build my patience and tolerance levels, it has even helped me become more flexible …show more content…

Offending a client could not only prevent them from seeking your assistance, but other people’s services too. Being surrounded by social and cultural diversity also helps how you work with clients. If you understand a client’s culture it could help you build rapport with them quicker than if you hadn’t. Also, this understanding provides you with some help in finding resources and solutions for your client, in some cultures it may be inappropriate for you connect certain clients with certain resources. So being aware of that helps you determine what solution is best fit for that client. When there’s a chance for me to work with a culture I haven’t interacted with before, I try to do a little research before our initial meeting. Being exposed to different cultures creates a well-rounded social worker, who will take more into consideration when working with

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