Working With Limitations In Self And Social Awareness Essay

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Q 5 – Explain how diversity impacts on practices and experiences on person behaviour, interpersonal relationships, perception and social expectations of others. A – Acknowledge similarities and differences that exist between yourself, co-workers and clients. Culture plays an important part in a person’s behaviour, thoughts and how they relate towards others. An individual's cultural perceptions and expectations will directly impact on the way they work with each client and their co-workers; a failure to recognise cultural differences may cause serious problems when they are dealing with others in the workplace. These cultural expectations could affect relationships with clients and co-workers in the form of their families involvement, body language, gender preferences and so on. It is very important that health workers learn to be innovative and flexible when working with people from other cultural backgrounds. PROJECT 1 …show more content…

Use work practices that make environments safe for all. A. I'd take note of my own cultural practices and individual behaviour and how this might impact other people around me. I would understand and acknowledge their diverse cultures and what is important to them. I would take initiative to create cultural safety and open to direct and indirect feedback from my co-workers ect. 3. Work with an awareness of your own limitations in self and social awareness. A. Social awareness gives you the ability to understand and respond to the needs of others, understanding the other person’s emotions, needs and their concerns. Understanding the politics within an organisation and how these affect the people working around us. It's the ability to understand and meet the needs of patients and co-workers. Awareness of social situations means you carefully consider what other people want, and taking their situation and needs into account I'd communicate with them in the appropriate way. By doing this we will hopefully be gaining that persons

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