The Role Of Empathy In Ottino And Morson's Essay '

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In the fifteenth paragraph, Ottino and Morson explain the need for empathy in all people implementing logos. Empathy is the ability to understand and share the feelings of another. The authors suggest empathy is “what literature is good at teaching.” Empathy “creates better people and better technical innovations for people to use.” They explain writers successfully use empathy when a reader can “identify with a character” and “experience what she is experiencing.” The authors regard empathy as one of the most important characteristics of not only a good writer, but a good person. Connecting with people emotionally is needed when working in any field. Understanding how people feel will make any humanist or engineer unlock their full potential. The audience connects with the meaning of empathy. The explanation of empathy adds a distinctive intimate tone to the essay. In the sixteenth paragraph, Ottino and Morson use logos to defend the need for an education system that joins the …show more content…

The authors declare existing educations systems “encourage the opposite”, meaning they are not encouraging students to learn both sciences and humanities. Not encouraging additional learning is due to “funding provided by government grants.” Graduate schools are forced to “create a closed system” to meet the “demand for results” in doctoral programs. Ottino and Morson show that graduation schools are not to blame for the neglect of “whole-minded” learning, but funding is to blame. If students are receiving funding from the government; they must maintain certain GPAs and learning paths. Therefore, funding is discouraging students from pursuing degrees in the arts and sciences. The audience may have experienced the terrors of government mandates in their past educational careers. Many readers will feel sympathy toward the authors’ subject of

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