College At Risk Summary

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Going to college for many students is just a normal part of life. It is what will enable them to get an education that eventually will lead to get a well-paid job and the resources and the status to live a comfortable life. But for college professor, Andrew Delbanco, the American college has a higher purpose. In the article “College at Risk”, Delbanco states that colleges should be promoting critical thinking among students, through knowledge of the past and the interaction with each other; as well as, help them discover their talents and passions and figure out what they want to do in life. This type of education is called liberal arts and for Delbanco, it represents the ideal education. However, the high cost of receiving an education and the competitive labor market is making very hard for student to obtain a liberal art education. Nowadays, the average cost of tuition and fees for …show more content…

This is completely different from what Delbanco liberal education promotes. Yet, it could be similar to the part that Mr. MacFarland challenged him to think for himself and opened his world to new and better possibilities. These three authors expose their experience with education at three different levels: high school, college and self-education. At the end, it does not matter how people get it, but it does make a different in their lives. People who receive an education are more likely to be successful and live a healthy and happy live; but those do not are more likely to live in poverty. Since it will help the economy to have better equipped citizens, the government should make college education free for

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