University Education Should Be Free Essay

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In recent years, the number of people who have been attending university greatly increased, consequently, arguments have continued as to whether students should pay for this prerogative or not. With no doubts, everything has its two sides and the problem of whether the university fees should be paid by taxpayers or not is not an exception. Still, there are people who believe that authorities should take the responsibility for funding the university fees. However, others disagree and opine that it is solely the responsibility of students to pay for their higher education that is in a direct connection to their prospering future career and life in general. In this way, it is important to review both sides of this controversial question. So, this essay will focus on evaluating arguments for and against free education in university. First of all, it is essential to assess arguments in favor of making university education free for all interested. First of all, in further, it will inspire more and more people to attend university and, doubtless, this will benefit society as it will lead to a more prolific as well as educated workforce. What is more, generally, researches show that those countries that …show more content…

The reason I think this way is that in this case everyone gets a chance to go to the university and that free education can interest more students in the long run and finally lead to more people getting a higher education. Universities in a number of developing countries are very expensive and this scares a lot of potential students since for most of them, getting university education means that they will have to get student loans and be in debt for a long period of time. If universities would provide free education, then, not only those young people who come from rich families but everyone who wants to study in the university will have an equal opportunity to receive a graduate

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