Analysis Of 'Where College Fails Us' By Caroline Bird

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The Greek Philosopher Aristotle identified “The years between puberty and age twenty-one as the formative time for mind and character.” It was customary for young Greek men to attend a series of lectures that resembled our notion of a college “course”(Delbanco 36). Aristotle is a believer of education and the power it has on the development of the young mind. Likewise, he believes college is a place to establish one’s character. Caroline Bird’s essay, “Where College Fails Us,” definitely does not correlate with the opinion of Aristotle. Throughout the essay Bird makes several points to support her overall argument that a person does not need college to succeed. She says that college does not work for everyone and believes a degree is not essential. In “Where College Fails Us,” Caroline Bird invalidly argues that all college graduates find themselves working meaningless jobs and that no one needs a college degree to be successful. First, Bird states that “College graduates are selling shoes and driving taxis.” However, this point is flawed because not only does she not give any evidence to support her claim, but it is inaccurate. For example, my mom studied at Louisiana State University for four years and finished with a Bachelor’s degree in Nursing. Since then, she has worked in a hospital as a recovery nurse, become the Director of Medical Management at Our Lady of the Lake Hospital, and is now the Executive Director of the Louisiana Emergency Response Network. My mom

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