Immigration Tactics

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Immigrants are making a life in the United States and working in jobs without background checks. Everyday immigrants are in danger that the immigration Agency to find Immigrants working in their jobs or in their homes. The Immigration Agency does not like the fact Immigrants crossed the border without any papers to come to the U.S. Immigrants in the United States are afraid of the Immigration Agency because of the rough tactics the Immigration Agency does to sometimes arresting Immigrants. When sometimes the Immigration Agency thinks all immigrants are all criminals which gives the immigration agency an excuse to arrest innocent immigrants., but not all are bad. They have a reason for the Immigration Agency to make an excuse like this, so …show more content…

The Immigration Agency arrest Immigrants don’t matter if they cause a crime or not, but they treat them unfairly like if Immigrants are not humans. The Immigration Agency arrests them with chains all over their body and their feet, they do it to make them look like if they did a big crime like if they killed someone. This makes a bad reputation for the Immigration agency for doing wrong Tactics using on Immigrants and they do not care if they do such things like this because they think they can get away from that type situation any time and think they are the bigger agency than any in the United Sates and can do whatever they want. They don’t just deport adults, but also, they deport children the Immigration Agency don’t care if they are Four or Nine years old they will still deport them for a ridiculous reason. The reason the Immigration agency deport Child Immigrants because they will give the same response as they give to adults” They cross the border with no papers’’ which makes people mad and saying ‘’The Immigration Agency don’t have any heart’’ which scares child immigrants because they don’t know what is really going on. The immigration Agency they don’t think very well the wrong Tactics they are doing which makes people think they are bad people because the arrest Immigrant children in a harsh way they that the immigration agency are supposed to …show more content…

Even though President Donald Trump don’t care if the Immigration Agency breaks any laws because he wants Immigrants to deport so Immigrants won`t harm Americans. President Donald sign that the Immigration Agency can go to cities and deport ant Immigrant don’t matter if they are a criminal or not and that goes for adults and children. Both Donald Trump and The Immigration Agency allow them to treat Immigrants unfairly the reason they do this is because Immigrants are not from here and that can do that and get away. The Immigration Agency for them crossing the border without no paper or documents is big crime which they make a big deal out of and take their angry on Immigrants and treating them unfairly and the Immigration Agency always find a way to get away in trouble whatever law they break. President Donald Trump wants a wall to keep ‘’Criminal Immigrants’’ away from America, which to Donald Trump all Immigrants are criminals to him and wants to be unfair to be to get any opportunity and President Donald Trump thinks the Immigration Agency is doing a good job of handing Immigrants the way they wanted. What things should our government to deal how to stop Immigration Agency to stop their bad tactics on Immigrants. Immigrants can’t be afraid and hide from getting deported back where they came from. America needs immigrants to build

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