The Immigration Agency: The Dangers Of Immigrants In The United States

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Immigrants are making a life in the United States and working in jobs without background checks. Everyday immigrants are in danger that the immigration Agency to find Immigrants working in their jobs or in their homes. The Immigration Agency does not like the fact Immigrants crossed the border without any papers to come to the U.S. Immigrants in the United States are afraid of the Immigration Agency because of the rough tactics the Immigration Agency does to sometimes arresting Immigrants. When sometimes the Immigration Agency thinks all immigrants are all criminals which gives the immigration agency an excuse to arrest innocent immigrants., but not all are bad. They have a reason for the Immigration Agency to make an excuse like this, so the Immigration Agency can have something to say, but sometimes for the Immigration Agency that excuse to say that” They cross the border with no papers’’ does not work all the time. So, the Immigration agency gets themselves in trouble with people around social media or by the courts and higher authorities.
When the Immigration Agency gets themselves in lots of trouble it is because they do not follow the laws to arrest immigrants. Sometimes they will force themselves into a home or a business property. The reason the immigration Agency does this because they don’t think what they are doing when trying to arrest an immigrant. Things can go wrong; sometimes they do it to the wrong people, and sometimes to the wrong company and want

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