Pursuing A Career As A Business Administration Executive

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There is an established business with a name of Business Pub. This is an organization that requires educated and professionally skilled people to work positions at their organization. A lot of employees that work regular positions, such as administrative, human resource, sales and technology have a bachelor’s degree for the position he or she works. Yet, positions, such as executive, managers, chief executives and other leaders are required to have a master’s degree in the position he or she works. Executives in charge have faced a great deal of environment changes that need a lot of leadership and management skills. The organization was able to implement corporate strategies with their plans for the industry it works with. Due to industry changes there has been a struggle with Business Pub being able to keep up with the changes in the advancing business market. …show more content…

They are currently ineffective due to power struggles and an unhealthy organizational culture that is preventing them from reaching its potential. The organization has been managing budgets for its portfolios for over 10 years, but recently has had some issues. However, a problem has occurred where Business Pub needs a small group of executives to help increase business productions and success. I apply for the position as an administrator executive. The organization is impressed by my achieved education in MBA, and recognizes my business executive skills that have accomplished business success in the business industry. Therefore, I am hired as Business Pub's business administration executive. This paper will show that a respectable business administrator executive will fill the position, which implements empowering leadership on organizational effectiveness to accomplish goals that influence and lead teams members and subordinates with ethical honest

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