What Are The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Target Company

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Target Corporation is one of the famous retail stores in the United States which is founded by George Dayton in 1902. Walmart is the main competitor to Target because these companies have similarities such as goods, services, business form, and customers. To compare Target to Walmart is logical because people can determine and analyze advantages and disadvantages in annual financial statement between Target and Walmart. Target and Walmart have different data on investment activities which are important to their companies. Investment activities are, uses necessary resources for operating of their companies which include computers, delivery trucks, furniture, buildings. These important resources are assets of a business that supports their companies in production and transportation. …show more content…

Target also invests chairs and tables for customers who want to have meals or drinks in food location which is comfortable for customers. In addition, Target invests computers to help customers who want to print or design their picture and document. Moreover, Target also has modern machines and software technology which support customers create and edit by the effective way in their work. Additionally, Target always has staffs who are willing to give customers a hand to design or fix their work. Clothes are displayed in Target is high quality with special design, so it is easy to attract the customers. In addition, Target has credit card machine with chip reader which protect the personal information of the customer effectively.Target also invest in the delivery truck for membership that they can receive their goods and services faster. The disadvantage of Target is an area of premises which are not too wide to display and purchase plant like

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