Business Environment Affecting Target Corporation

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TASK 3C (P3.3) In this criteria, I will explain how business environment such as political, social, technical, legal and environmental and cultural environment shape the behavior of Target Corporation. First what is cultural environment? It is an arrangement of convictions, practices, traditions and practices that are observed to be common to everybody that is living inside a specific population. It also shapes the way that each individual creates, affecting belief systems and identities. Cultural environment shapes and affects the behavior of Target Corporation in a direct manner. Target Corporation specifies that it affects the organization’s performance to recover from the opposing conditions as faced by the company. For example, Target …show more content…

Here are the reasons on how these factors impact the organization, Target. For global, as a discount retail industry, Target operates internationally. They basically ship products from outside of America, and global events have an impact to Target. For example, there were natural disasters all over the world that can affect the shipment of the products overseas. In 2011, there was a tsunami in Japan and this natural disaster can lead to instabilities in the cost of raw materials. And this will affect the profit. Additionally, these circumstances can also affect Target’s loss of inventory and it can lead to merchandise stock …show more content…

Target is impacted by an external environment as much as they are affected by other competitors such as Walmart and Costco. Legal, political, economic, technological and social are the global factors that influence Target. Here are how these factors can impact Target if they expand and operate their business in the United Kingdom. 1. Legal factors may influence the Target's execution in different cases. Since Target Corporation is accessible in different places around the world, changes in rules and regulations of different countries it operates might impact on Target’s performance. It may also cause additional costs and expenses. this is associated especially to health, security and business laws. On social environment, Target annually do volunteering. They have a Target Books for School Award which allows them to give away $500 worth of books to local

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