Swot Analysis For Toms Shoes

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Toms shoes are made from environment-friendly materials like natural and organic vegan substance, including the packaging that is made from 80% recycled waste. Going further on the path of social corporate responsibility, the company can broaden the range of their products and services and explore additional sustainable materials to create their products. Internal Environmental Factors: Strengths 1. Mega Brands Inc. sells a wide range of products like puzzles, building blocks, construction sets, and activity craft-based games. Due to the variation in type of the products they sell, consumers have more options to choose from. 2. The company has pop-culture connections and has license to make use of popular characters like Barbie, Hot Wheels …show more content…

Several lawsuits by its competitor Lego group regarding similar design of blocks has brought some bad name to the company. 6. Due to market conditions, the company lost $458 million in 2008 after 23 consecutive years of growing profits and filed bankruptcy. B. SWOT Analysis: external environment factors and marketing mix implications External Environmental Factors: Opportunities 1. Company’s creative team can start producing some unique products and make use of new marketing strategies to sell their products world wide. 2. It can increase the use raw materials that are made from eco-friendly and environment sustainable products as part of their corporate social responsibility. The company can collaborate with world’s largest toy markets like Japan and expand their market share and sales. Threats 3. The company has intense competition from leading toy industries like ‘Lego Group’ and crafts based companies like ‘Crayola’ and ‘flying colours’. 4. As Mega Brands, distributes its products world wide, the sales can impact from fluctuating business economic conditions and currency exchange rates. 5. Trade barriers and unfavorable political conditions can also affect the export …show more content…

By producing a wide range of products like puzzles, building blocks, construction sets, and activity craft-based games, the company covers many target segments and gives their consumers a variety of options to choose from. 1.3: Segmentation & Positioning Concepts Reflect on the automobile industry in your country of residence. 1. Decide on a segmentation approach for the automobile industry in your country of residence, identifying at least four different target market segments of that approach. Market segmentation separates the general market into categories which can be targeted and marketed effectively. Using market segmentation helps to get a better understanding of your target audience and increase the market return on investment. Technographic segmentation is one of methods that can be used to identify different target segments of this automobile industry. Target market segments: 1. Getting Around: This target segment views vehicles as a functional benefit or a transportation means that helps them to get from one point to another. The consumers in this segment prefer low priced cars with basic features that serve as good value of

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