SWOT Analysis: The First Converse All Star Shoes

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The first Converse All Star shoes was made in the middle 1900 as a shoes for basket ball players. In the 1920 Chuck Taylor turned into the representative for Converse and for the following couple of decades the Converse tennis shoes was the main shoes in basket ball. During the 1960 to 1970 the tennis shoes started to move from games footwear to easygoing footwear and turned into an image for the cheap and grime cultures. after sometime converse launch the denim ,t-shirts cap and everything related to sports. and they got success as well but they continue with their same design so after some time all people avoid the brand product because there is a huge competition in the market because lots of company 's available to compete for example Nike, Adidas, puma ,Reebok ,etc these are the company 's they always change their product with the fashion. so there is a big opportunities for converse from these companies. because now a days all people not buy alder fashion product. so converse have to change their policy to stable in the current market. And change their design with the change of fashion.
The SWOT analysis for the converse :
• The company has a long history since 1908 and a huge loyal customer support.
• Famous sports celebrities are brand ambassadors.
• The company has partnered with NGO called red, working for aids relief …show more content…

Due to internal reverse factor in the market is not growing so are the negative side. the internal factor is not in favor of the company due to fashion and change. Funding is also a major problem. Despite this talk about the external factor and here we can see that there are many competitors in the market otherwise. Example puma sneakers launch. It 's like look and was talking son. However, some of the external factors are in favor of the company and that is why there is a positive part of the company. If the company wants to apply the defensive strategy they need to improve internal factors such as the price of shoes and

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