Dutch Lady Market Segmentation

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1. MARKAT SEGMENTATION Market segmentation is a strategy that is generally used by a company to identify and define the target customers, and provide the supporting data for the marketing plan elements. There are five types of market segmentation which are demographic segmentation, geographic segmentation, psychographic segmentation, benefits segmentation and volume segmentation. • Demographic Segmentation Demographic segmentation is market segmentation according to age, family size, religion, race, gender, income and education. By using this segmentation, a company can categorize the needs of consumers more easily and target its consumers more accurately because demographics can segmented into several markets. Dutch Lady had made the demographic …show more content…

Dutch Lady’s product provide all nutrients that children need for their growing and this was meet the customer needs. Besides that, today mother is aware and concerned about children’s health as well as food and beverages consume. By this, Dutch Lady can provide their customer a good and healthy dairy products such as Dutch Lady Nutri Plan with 5x DHA and Dutch Lady 0% Fat Yoghurt Drink. Other than that, Dutch Lady’s products also loved by the people who have the busy lifestyle. This is because the Dutch Lady’s products is easy to get and carry. • Geographic Segmentation Geographic segmentation is differentiation of markets by region of the country, city, country size, market density and climate. The company can use this segmentation to create a more accurate profile. Dutch Lady had made the geographic segmentation in the Urban and Suburban in Malaysia. People live in the city have more income than the people live in the countryside. However, the children live in the countryside also like to drink milk so the price of the Dutch Lady’s product is set on a fair level so that the low income family also can purchase its products. • Volume …show more content…

MARKET POSITIONING Positioning is the marketing process that use for an organization to identify a market problem or opportunity, and define a solution based on segmentation, market research and supporting data. Dutch Lady have a strong competitive advantage which is it provide different type of milk powder for the children from different age group. The Dutch Lady Nutri Plan with 5x DHA have provides tailored nutrition to support each smart milestone which is Curious, Explore, Create and Learn. Dutch Lady Curious is for the children of 1-2 years old, Dutch Lady Explore is for the children of 2-4 years old, Dutch Lady Create is for the children of 4-6 years old and Dutch Lady Learn is for the children of 6 years old and above. Dutch Lady had do many promotion and advertising to increase the impress of the customers and make them to purchase the products of Dutch Lady. For example, if customer buy any Dutch Lady’s products, they will have the chance to win a prize. Other than that, Dutch Lady also have do some advertisement to make the customer more understand the benefit of drinking the Dutch lady Nutri Plan with 5x

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