Honda Market Segmentation

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Common definition market, which means economic that’s approach customers in terms of people to find a goods or services they want, while segmentation is processes dividing specific part into many parts of some things. Market segmentation is mean an organization target its product, services, or ideas only to specific groups of consumers rather than to everybody, even if it means that other consumers who don’t belong to this target market aren’t attracted to it, for example is ASIMO might be suitable for housewife to do household works. Honda company has been targeted three major part of market segmentation that is include demographic, behavioral, and psychographic segmentation.
Demographic segmentation is based on age, income, family size and socio- economic status, etc. this segmentation identify the type and assume that consumer with similar demographic will exhibit similar characteristics purchasing patterns, motivation, and interest. Which when it comes to market place for machine like robot, it might depend on the functions and use. There are a vast variety of market segments for this type product. He could be useful in the medical industry as an assistant or manufacturing with dangerous product trials. Along with this, ASIMO could be a companion for an elderly individual or a family helper for a busy household. As ASIMO abilities
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It could be defending on the markets size and growth, like how large is the market, is the market segment substantial enough to make profit for the company (market segment by measuring numbers of customer include sales value or volume). The best characteristics for consumer market particularly is based on every side, like example is behavioral segmentation, the marketers can know product usage rates, whether the consumer is brand loyalty and even benefits that consumer
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