Goodwin Wealth Management Case Summary

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Introduction Blake Goodwin is the CEO of Goodwin Wealth Management. He was deciding to hire a consultant to make an assessment of his situation. Three large companies had expressed interest to acquire Goodwin Wealth Management. In the fall 2007, Ice Financial Income Fund, First Canadian Band, and Brawn Financial Corporation were the potential suitors and they had made offers to acquire the company. Blake Goodwin had to decide whether to sell the company and if he sold it, which buyer was the best one. He would find the best way to protect his family name and the company itself. Background Goodwin Wealth Management was a Canadian-owned wealth company, which were grew from the former Toronto Capital. The company provided capital markets and …show more content…

The American sub-prime mortgage crisis and asset-backed commercial paper (ABCP) crisis happened in Canada had huge negative impacts on the financial industry. With the bankruptcy of several major banks in North America, investors lost their faith in financial institutions and were not willing to invest their assets to those financial institutions because of extremely high risks. As a competitive player in the industry, Goodwin also faced this threat and had poor performance. Internal Analysis Strength: Goodwin was a well-diversified company with six divisions in different but related market segments. The diversification lowered the overall risk of the firm and created an information network among the divisions, which was critical for the company to gain competitive advantage. The loyal customer base was another strength. The $60 billion assets that under the company’s management provided the company a positive brand image and made it easier for the company to attract new customers. Weakness: One of the company’s weaknesses was the separation of ownership. Blake and his father, George, both had control of the company, which meant that decisions could not be made efficiently. Also the brand was connected with their family’s name, which meant that they could not afford the cost of

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