When Genius Failed Summary

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The story of “When Genius Failed by Roger Lowenstein “is about Long Term Capital Management hedge stock investments from its creation to its fall. John Meriwether made the asset after he left from Salomon Brothers, the reason of his enormous wealth, the partners, and other investors. When they fell, it is firm toward the end.
The book gives the reader of a thought of the realm in the world of international investment banking and bond and equities trading. Meriwether built up this idea of arbitrage or hedge trading alongside his cronies. Indeed, the spread in the middle of the money and futures merge as the agreements come to lapse which depends on the very much carried on business sectors. At the point when the business sectors keep along …show more content…

With a clear style and a sense of humor and amusement, Lowenstein guide us through the thickets of high finance in the computer age.
“When Genius Failed: The Rise and Fall of Long-Term Capital Management”- a short biography and chronology of the infamous hedge fund (Long Term Capital Management) that almost crumpled the world’s financial system, alongside its many founders and advisiors, including John Meriwether, David Mullins (former Vice Chairman of the Federal Reserve), Robert Merton and Myron Scholes (two academic heavyweights in finance who might go ahead to win the Nobel prize in economics in 1997.
Lowenstein's capacity to think of a brief, sound story and his involvement in budgetary news coverage is unequivocally apparent in this book. Not just can Lowenstein weave together and recount an awesome story (this writer felt he was being driven through the historical backdrop of the asset and its characters by one of its inward accomplices while perusing through this book), he additionally pays consideration on points of interest at whatever point it is

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