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  • The Importance Of Personal Finance

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    Personal finance is the management of individual finance that includes budgeting, saving, expenses, planning, financial protections, and goal setting. Here individual means a single person as well as a family unit. To make it simple, personal finance covers everything that a person has to deal with when it comes to the money. Money comes and goes; it just doesn 't stick to anyone forever. So, dealing with both, incoming and outgoing money, is covered in personal finance. And the objective of personal

  • The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Project Finance

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    In addition, one of the principal disadvantages of project finance is that high set-up costs usually associated with establishing a project finance structure can usually be justified for large projects, usually valued at over US$20 million (Ochieng et al. 2013). Moreover, the cost of debt is typically higher in project financing than conventional financing due to the indirect nature of the credit support. The credit support is provided through contractual commitments rather than through a direct

  • What Do You See As Tullow's Specific Weakness As An Finance Case Study

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    Q3 - OE_Strengths What do you see as Tullow’s particular strengths as an investment? "Exposure to emerging African oil basins that hold the potential for long tern free cash flow and growth. I think that is the biggest strength. Certainly a very experienced and successful exploration team. That is another strength. And also a history of bringing those projects to development and managing the challenges of moving from exploration success to development and cash flow." Q4 - OE_Weaknesses What do

  • Disadvantages Of Consumer Durable Loans

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    of people across the world is developing rapidly. As there is a growing concern for people about the lifestyle and way of living, the scope for the microfinance industry is also at a growing pace. A large number of people across the world prefer finance for the purpose of purchase of consumer durables as well as lifestyle products. As the credit card EMI options are more expensive, people prefer NBFCs for the purpose of consumer durable loans. The project done in bajaj finserv explains the role of

  • The Meaning Of Communication: The Importance Of Organizational Communication

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    level of invasive treatments decrease and thus making quality private healthcare more efficient for patients. In this assignment, I am going to take examples of my working place which is Columbia Asia Hospital-Seremban to be more specific under the finance department. i) Downward Communication It is defined as the communication flow that takes place through an organization’s formal chain of command from the top levels of authority for example, management group down to lower levels like staff

  • Family Relationship

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    culture among both parents which further confuses the children and unexpectedly to incline to one side. Financial and house managing of the respondents Even all the time they take attention to finance and house managing as family from different and the same culture, the issue of finance and home management was not a big issue in the view of the respondents even if there are gaps in understanding and real meaning of house and financial management among family members. However, the respondents

  • Bank Negara Malaysia Case Study

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    1985-1986, banking institutions also suffer in higher level of non-performing loan. In order to cover the loss, BNM establish a rescue scheme to maintain the stability of the financial system. The rescue scheme is merge the finance company and commercial bank, the number of the finance company decrease from 47 to 40. Besides, financial crisis and currency speculators also stimulate the consolidation of banking system. The final decision for BNM is to merge 50 banking institution into ten groups which

  • What Are The Six Functional Areas Of Winking Toys Inc.

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    There are many functional areas available but in this task, I am going to explain six functional areas of Winking Toys Inc. only and these six functional areas are: Administration, Customer Services, Production, Finance, Human Resources and ICT. Administration Administration is very important in every business because it is to perform various support activities to aid business operations run efficiently. The tasks of routine administration cover opening and sending e-mails or mails and preparing

  • The Importance Of Microfinance

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    microfinance to a vision of inclusive finance. Role of Micro Finance Institutions Microfinance is authorizing tool to poverty mitigation that has provided substantial economic and non-economic externalities to low-income households in developing countries. Micro-finance is a sustainable tool to combating poverty, combining a for - profit approach that is self-sustaining, and a poverty alleviation focus that empowers low-income households. Micro-finance is progressively becoming a tool to implementation

  • The Importance Of Globalization

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    on international finance, and how this leads to a shift in power from individual countries to the global capital, by examining the structure of international finance, economic sovereignty and economic sanction. Globalization gives plenty of opportunities for countries to develop economy, education, technology and so on. Meanwhile, it changes the power of different countries gradually by global capital. Globalization has changed the structure of traditional international finance. Because of the Globalization-which

  • The Descent Of Money Analysis

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    The Ascent of Money by Niall Ferguson In “The Ascent of Money”, Niall Ferguson tries to elaborate various aspects of finance that have been documented throughout the history. He outlines the various names that people use while referring to money, and how this does not affect the role that it plays. There is an evaluation of how different people in the society tend to view money based on their circumstances or experiences. A favorable example is how Christians view money as the root of all evil.

  • History Of Rural Development In India

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    empower Panchayat Raj Institutions in terms of functions, powers and finance. Gram Sabha, NGOs, Self-Help Groups and PRIs have been accorded adequate roles to make participatory democracy meaningful and effective. 1.2. THE CONCEPT OF MICRO-FINANCE Micro-finance is the provision of financial services to the poor who are otherwise considered un-bankable. Even though this idea has been around for quite some time, modern micro-finance really took off in the 1970‟s with the activities of the Grameen Bank

  • Theoretical Literature Review: Irrelevant And Relevant Theory

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    further that a firm should have the same market value and the same Weighted Average Cost of Capital (WACC) at all capital structure levels because the value of a company should depend on the return and risks of its operation and not on the way it finances those operations. Miller brought forward the next version of irrelevance theory of capital structure. He appealed that, capital structure decisions of firms with both corporate and personal taxes circumstances are irrelevant (Miller 1977). If these

  • Swot Analysis Of Kfc

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    and Brunei (523 restaurants) and the KFC chain of restaurants in Malaysia Rasamas chain (about 37 outlet). Financial money is a scarce resource. To get it, it is a competitive business. Individuals, governments and other companies to seek money to finance their needs. (How fast money can be recovered) who lend money to lend it offers rates of return which is interest rate, risk, and flexibility in line with their expectations. The word ' lend ' often means short-term; the word "investment" means

  • Disadvantages Of Declaratory Law

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    any Shariah opinion. The fuqaha refer to these couple of primary sources as the first points of reference, followed by ijma ' (consensus of the scholars) and qiyas (analogy). Shariah rulings as the main pillar for Islamic finance Shariah is the backbone of the Islamic finance industry; the rapid development of contemporary Islamic financial products and services has created a need for Shariah scholars and advisors to facilitate the structuring of product features that are competitive and innovative

  • Limitations Of Linear Programming Model And Its Business Applications

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    it is not possible to sell more than Rs. 25 lakhs worth of bonds at the proposed rate of 10%. Sam Finance will give loan up to Rs.25 lakh at an interest rate of 15% and Dew Finance Corporation will also loan the same amount as that loaned by Sam Finance but at a higher interest rate of 18%”. He continued, “Moreover, Sam Finance insists that the amount of bond debt plus the amount owed to Dew Finance should not be more than twice the amount owed to it.” “I do not get your problem till now”, said Harish

  • The Pros And Cons Of Free University And College Education

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    universities free for all students. Just like most countries in the world today, united states only offer free primary and high school education, but public university and college students receive living grants, tuition subsidies and public loans to finance their education. Despite seeming like an appealing idea, free tuition for higher education has its advantages and disadvantages. The purpose of this assignment is to present cases for and cases against this idea as well as showing clearly why the

  • Swot Analysis Of Shangri La Hotel

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    categories that is finance lease and operating lease. Under the definition of financial lease, the company needs to undertake the ownership of all the risks and rewards. Thus, operating lease is the opposite that do not take into account of all the risks and rewards of the ownership. Under SL annual report management notes, leasehold lands are classifying as finance lease and those properties that use for earn rental income are classify under operating lease. Therefore, finance lease will be reflected

  • Reflection On Learning As A Student Intern

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    part of the Media Mark As an intern I joined the finance department of Media Mark 7th of July 2014, a perfect day to take a start in the corporate world. I was first introduced to the manager of Accounts department sir Imran khan who affectionately welcomed me to the Media Mark. He briefly gave me an insight into the entire finance department and gave me a snapshot about the working of each department I was explained about the subdivision of finance department in Media Mark. I found out that in Media

  • Importance Of Taxation In India

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    Introduction: The Government needs money for the performance of a variety of functions. Funds required to finance its activities are raised from various sources. The income of the government through all sources is called public income. A welfare government is therefore justified in raising large revenue from its people. It is an essential fiscal treasure for achieving social justice and economic equality. Taxation constitutes the most important source of revenue for the government. Tax revenue refers

  • Positive And Negative Effects Of The Internet

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    characteristics by proclaiming the false information publicly on the Internet. By using the advantages of the Internet, people can increase their income. Benefits of the cyberspace could yield be used to maximize consumers’ profit. If I were the finance minister of Republic of Korea, I would take advantage of the advanced technologies. As this book mentions, websites such as let consumers compare the prices of the goods so that they can make better choices by weighing the expenses

  • Converse Case Study

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    culture, power, finance and people. Internal environment basically include the inner strength and weakness. • Innovation Your business is need innovation in order to keep up with computation. Converse company innovates different designs of shoes for all kinds of sports. The more innovations is attracts the peoples. • Finance The finance risk depends on the financial structure of your business. It is also dependent on your business transaction and the financial system. Finance is the main important

  • White Collar Crimes Case Study

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    & Anor v PP . The first appellant in this case was an officer of Hong Kong Finance whose duty was to interview hire purchase applicants and assuring that the details in the proposal forms were true. He had later wrongfully misrepresented to Hong Kong Finance that all the proposal forms had been verified and checked correctly and induced Hong Kong Finance to deliver those property to the second appellant. Hong Leong finance suffered damage and losses as a result of the first appellant’s deceit. The

  • Modigliani And Miller's Theory Of Cost Theory

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    equity finance, whish minimize their cost of capital. Theory suggests that when a firm is looking fir way to finance its long term investment, it has a well-defined of preference with respect to the sources of finance it used. He argue that the more profitable the firm become, the lesser they borrow because they would have sufficient internal finance to undertake their investment. He further argues that it is when the internal finance is inadequate that a firm should sources for external finance and

  • The Role Of The Judiciary In South Africa

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    protector against the possible excesses of legislative and executive organs. It plays an important role as a guardian protector of the constitution and fundamental rights of the people. People depend on the judiciary to solve the issues of public finance management in hope of bettering the system and reducing corruption by the judiciary making practical examples in a form of punishments to those who have found to be practicing the act of fraud and corruption. Its role is being a justice administrator

  • Swot Analysis Of Shoe King

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    evaluate or correct the input stage Types of business information systems There are having lots of information systems. Because every company using some information systems those are: sales and marketing system, manufacturing and production systems , finance and accounting systems , human resource systems and other systems are: Enterprise System/ Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP),Supply Chain Management (SCM) Knowledge Management Software (KMS). And those are helps to run their business and if these

  • The Pros And Methods Of High School Students

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    and having a saving account in school savings could help them pay for bills or any expense in that matter. In your adolescence ages we do irresponsible spending and knowing how to manage our finances can avoid reckless spending. Putting yourself in debt is simple if you don 't know how to manage your finance which is why it is essential for High Schools to educate their students early before they graduate. According to an article written by NFEC Financial Literacy Council approximately “12 percent

  • Importance Of Taxes In Taxation

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    outputs sold, it called vertical equity. Equity, efficiency and administrative ease: Similarly, the spreading of the burden of government finance it should correspond with usually held ideas of equality and capacity to pay. The structure of government finance should increase revenues with only a nominal loss in competence in the private-sector. A government finance structure should be comparatively relaxed to manage in a reliable way starved of extreme costs to accumulate, impose, and obey with taxes

  • The Importance Of Sustainable Economic Growth

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    productivity, national income , and finance public service provision (Saunweme & Mufandaedza, 2013). But Because of the low saving rate, low per capita income, and inefficient tax collection system, along with that Pakistan exports raw material and primary goods at low prices and import expensive goods that leads to current account deficit so due to all these factors there is a mismatch between the revenue and expenditure so to bridge the gap a country needs to borrow to finance its economic growth and due

  • Swot Analysis Of Kotak Mahindra Bank

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    Description: Kotak Mahindra Bank’s primary business is providing banking and finance services to its customers. It offers transaction banking, IPOs, working capital loan etc. It also offers investment options in gold coins, mutual funds, life insurance etc. Bank has tie-ups with international banks to provide services to NRIs and PIOs. 2. General Information: Headquarters: Mumbai, India Founded: It was founded in 1985 as Kotak Mahindra Finance Ltd which was converted to a commercial bank in 2003 as Kotak Mahindra

  • Advantages And Disadvantages Of Renting

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    time your lease ends, but it also means you could have to move suddenly if your landlord decides to sell the property, turn your apartment complex into condos or bump up the rent by more than you can afford."( "The biggest myth about renting is that you’re "throwing away money" every month. Not so. First of all, you need a place to live, and that always costs money, in one way or another. Second

  • My Life: My Personal And Personal Goals In Life

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    510.68 EUR. Followings are my professional goals: 1) Graduate with 1st Class Honors for Ba (Hons) Accounting and Finance from Dublin Business School in September 2017. 2) By 2018, I need to ace my ACCA exams in Dublin Business School. 3) By 2019, I need to ensure I am able to communicate in Mandarin language fluently. 4) By 2019, I want to obtain a secure job in Google’s finance department. Firstly, my top list in my personal goals list is to embrace healthy lifestyle by practicing daily exercises

  • The Importance Of Social Entrepreneurship

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    activities as selling items to customers. Another constituent of altruistic entrepreneurship is the use of government money and grants. The intentions of business owners to create a more prosperous society have prompted the authorities to avail the finances that will support them in dealing with the community issues. Lastly, increased innovations working towards enhancing changes is also a crucial component of social entrepreneurship. That is why a social entrepreneur must include qualities of a proactive

  • Swot Analysis Of Ford Motor Company

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    Program Bachelor of Arts (Honors) in Accounting and Finance N401 Module Financial Strategy 6AG522 Student Name Khaled Sweelat Student ID 058002581 Ford Motor Company Income Statement For the year ended 31st December 2000 (All values are in Million $) Total revenue 170,064 Less: Cost of revenue (126,120) Gross profit 43,944 Selling, general and administrative expenses 14,855 Other operating expenses 11

  • Reflection On Key Learning And Reflection

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    result I wanted. To use the analogy of Benjamin Zander (Ted Talk, 2008) “to play with one fluid motion”. 5. I needed to recalibrate and strengthen my foundation to break out of my safe zone It was evident that I needed to extend my knowledge beyond finance to stimulate progress, maximise opportunities and integrate various business disciplines into my day-to-day activities. The MBA is a natural next step in my professional development and would facilitate my career progression.The advanced set of frameworks

  • Porter's Five Forces Affecting Marketing Environment

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    Coconut bliss (Bliss Unlimited, 2016). It helped the company to build trust amongst the customers and improve the brand value. Internal environment consists of evaluating internal resources of the organisation like product, human resources, systems, finances and marketing strategy. At Coconut bliss human resources is given utmost importance. Product portfolio analysis is done to know the effectiveness of a brand to the customers (Baines, et al., 2013). At coconut bliss, the marketing strategy seems to

  • Importance Of Corporate Governance

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    governance will ensure that all shareholders fully practice their right. Besides, Corporate Governance is also emphasis the elements of trustworthy, moral, and ethical environment. 3.2 Definition of Corporate Governance The definition by the Finance Committee on Corporate Governance in Malaysia in the Report on Corporate Governance (2002) stated that: “Corporate governance is the process and structure used to direct and manage the business and affairs of the company towards enhancing business

  • Importance Of Agripreneurship

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    agripreneurs in J&K- a) Lack of funds Lack of finance available to rural entrepreneurs is one of the major problems which entrepreneurs are bearing now days especially due to global recession. Major difficulties faced by rural entrepreneurs includes low level of purchasing power of rural consumer so sales volume is low, lack of finance to start business, reduced profits due to competition, pricing of goods and services. Major sources of finance in rural areas are loans from regional rural banks

  • My Goal: My Goals And Goals In College

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    after graduating and earning my bachelor degree from my university is first to continue my higher education which is master degree after settling in a job that works the best for me and working for at least two years in my bachelor major which is Finance. My second goal is to take an entrepreneurial route after graduation so I will start a business, I am predicting that I will start it in 6 years since my major will help me to know how to start a successful business where the knowledge and skills

  • Causes Of Budget Deficit

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    which would cause a discourage in investments. If this occurs, the government would go back to a budget deficit cycle. Q4) To finance current budget deficit, US government relies on T bond sales. The significant portion(over 30%) of T bonds are purchased by foreign governments or capitalists(lately China). What is your opinion about relying on foreign debt to finance US budget deficit? If some foreign countries became unhappy about trade or political matter with US government ( of the new president

  • Importance Of International Economics

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    An economics field of study that applies both macroeconomic and microeconomic principles to international trade, which is the flow of trade among nations, and to international finance, which is the means of making payment for the exchange of goods among nations. International economics studies the economic interactions among the different nations that make up the global economy. Often this interaction is viewed in terms of the domestic economy and the foreign sector. The key economic principle underlying

  • The Positive Impact Of Economic Growth And Financial Growth

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    the influence of financial development on growth, there is still a lack of empirical research into how a more developed financial sector contributes to poverty reduction. World Bank (2001b) recognizes three pivotal areas for acquiring the effect of finance on economic performance which are: it’s offering to economic growth, its contribution to reduce poverty and its propensity to lead to economic stability. Besley and Burgess (2003) also postulates that economic growth is not an adequate condition for

  • Common Size Comparative Income Statement For Sime Darby Group

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    2.79% in 2012 to 3.24% in 2013. Share of results of jointly controlled entities has increased 0.03% from 2012 to 2013, while the share of results of associates has increased 0.04% from 2012 to 2013. Besides, finance income has dropped from 0.38% in 2012 to 0.27% in 2013. Meanwhile, the finance cost has arisen from -0.81% in year of 2012 to -0.96% in year of 2013. The tax expense of company has decrease from 2.75% in 2012 to -2.10% in 2013. In year of 2014, the operating expenses has slightly increased

  • Social Evils Of Poverty

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    of Allah (S.W.T) and those travelers who lack in money to reach their home or destiny.” The above-said all categories in the society do not have the sufficient resources to meet their basic needs. These face difficulties in earning the required finance. It is accurate to state that the poor of any society revolve around the mentioned categories. Thus, the poverty can be eradicated if the SADAQAT are remunerated to them. Justice Muhammad Karam Shah has maintained that the SADAQAT money is declared

  • Goals And Objectives Of SAP S4 HANA Accounting System In Financial Management

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    2 Goals and Objectives 2.1 Operational Goals and Objectives The aim of SAP S4 HANA Finance is to upgrade the system to the latest technology and pave the way for future development. Financial upgraded integrated system makes the University of Helsinki pioneering and offers users a new operating system independent financial management and scalable solution for connecting UI5 OPERATION time. The mobile platform enables modern and user-friendly basis for workflow-solutions, such as, for example

  • Analysis Of Jonathan Kozol's Still Separate, Still Unequal

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    fundamentals is important for a student 's transition into adulthood. This includes such courses that educate the student in the basics of civics and finance. Being aware of your rights and taking action in your community is of vital importance, especially is today 's political climate. In my personal experience, my civics class was a combination of basic finance and civics. We learned how to register to vote, participated in local elections and learned how to be financially responsible by learning such

  • Case Study: Toyomoto Company

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    departments which are finance and marketing, operation, and sales department. Mr. Loh said if employees do not have motivation to do their work, it will have negative influence on the operation of business. Fredrick Herzberg’s (1966) also argued that intrinsic factors are related to job satisfaction and motivation, whereas extrinsic factors are associated with job dissatisfaction. Toyomoto encourages all employees to enhance their capabilities. For example, marketing and finance department are required

  • Advantages And Disadvantages Of Commercial Banks

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    IndusInd Bank, transition of Bandhan MFI into a universal bank and eight MFIs into small finance banks indicate that MFIs need to change their business model to survive in the long run. These strategic alliances and acquisitions will change the microfinance space in India. Currently as of June, 2017, banks became the largest lender of microcredit with 36% market share followed by MFIs. Now banks, small finance banks and BFIL hold a massive 80% share in MFI industry. Smaller MFI need to revamp their

  • The Role Of Women In The Doll's House

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    ability to have control over their finances brings them. In a study conducted by the Pew Research Center in 2008, women and men are in agreement in how decisions are made at home. In the case of family finances, there is a difference in how each gender views their input on this subject, but the survey truly reflects a significant change in the role women play in the finances at home. Women proscribe to themselves 45% of the financial decisions regarding finances compared to the male member’s 23%

  • Pros And Cons Of Entrepreneurship

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    IFA – MBA CFD: ENTREPRENEURSHIP & FINANCE Silvère Kembakou 1 UNIT 1: INTRODUCTION TO ENTREPRENEURSHIP What is your understanding of being an Entrepreneur? I. Being an Entrepreneur 1. What Entrepreneurs do: - Entrepreneurs create businesses or own them. - They develop their vision about their business and take decisions to achieve their goals. - As they own their business, they control the money generated by their business. - Entrepreneurs take risks, as they invest money and time in something that