Importance Of Self Regulation In Nursing

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Self-Regulation and the New Registered Nurse Introduction self-regulation is Understanding self-regulation is an important In this paper, self-regulation in relation to nursing practice and quality assurance will be explored. Self-regulation of RN Practice As with many other professions, registered nursing is a self-regulated profession. The purpose of regulation is to ensure that professionals practice in a safe, competent and ethical manner (CNO, 2014, pp. 3). In Ontario, registered nurses (RNs) are regulated by the College of Nurses of Ontario (CNO). In 1993 two key pieces of legislation were written to determine how the nursing profession is regulated in Ontario, these are the The Nursing Act, 1991, and the Regulated Health Professions…show more content…
By continuing to partake in the Quality Assurance program and self-regulating behaviours can fulfill the standard of being “safe, competent and ethical practitioners” (CNO, 2014, pp. 3). Setting of First Year of RN Practice The ideal setting of my first year of practice, as an RN will be at Juravinski Hospital on the hematology unit. I have always known that I wanted to work in oncology and my placement on the hematology unit solidified my decision to pursue this goal. During a clinical shift, I would be responsible for providing care to patients with malignant hematological diseases, completing pertinent assessments and teaching skills, such as how to care for the mouth when experiencing mucositis and how to avoid infections. Self-reflection on Professional…show more content…
My placements consisted of hematology, clinical neuroscience, acute mental health, complex care and a medicine unit. In looking back over my assessments for these placements I have been able to put together a list of my strengths and areas for growth and from this list I have created my learning plan for my first year of practice. Strengths. Upon reviewing past reflections and feedback from tutors and peers, my strengths include “effective communication with all appropriate parties.” I am reflective and therefore identify areas of strengths and limitations and areas that need improvement; I also seek out constructive feedback regarding my practice (A. Ilic, personal communication, DATE) According to my preceptor last semester I demonstrates a sound understanding of self-care, self-reflection and work life balance. I also have an “understanding of the components of the nurse patient relationship, by maintaining an open and professional relationship with the patients.” I am also “demonstrated self-direction and initiative” (B. Mahy, personal communication, DATE). Rena Hania, my current preceptor indicates that my strengths include “Maturity, professionalism and desire for autonomy. Asks appropriate questions, and have a gift for connecting with my patients” (R. Hania, personal communication,
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